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Restart Game #7 Raptor at Sixers Wednesday August 12th 6:30pm on TSN1 (and ESPN)

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  • Restart Game #7 Raptor at Sixers Wednesday August 12th 6:30pm on TSN1 (and ESPN)

    "The Raptors are a team that has given the Sixers trouble in the past."

    That's it. That was a line from a Sixers focussed site. Not with an "!" at the end. Not all caps. Not with a related follow up.
    Just that.
    A bit understated, no?
    I guess "The Raptors are a team that has broken the Sixers franchise in the past" would have been too strong.

    What's up with team sites trying to cause seizures in their own fanbase?
    I mean, this doesn't top the Bucks for fan triggering...

    but it's close
    (thanks to Will Lou for the link)
    (and to Lou Will for the wings)

    As for the game tonight, we can make it as much of a soap opera as we want

    The Heat/Pacers?Sixers are 3-4-5 and each one game apart

    Does Philly try to win to get into the 4-5 matchup and, in doing so avoid the Raps in the next round?
    Do they tank to avoid the Bucks in round 2?

    It looks like after a bender in DisneyWorld the other night, the boys are back in town

    This thread is late enough that I might actually get the 6:00 inure report but as for the latest, it's Serge and OG that are questionable.
    oh wait....I did. They're out.
    Lots of bench scarf talk tonight.

    Who else might sit?

    E Koreen has a suggestion

    And, an even weirder "DNP - Coach's Decision" tonight...

    Apparently Coach Nick is handing the reins to Coach Griffin tonight

    (do not...let me repeat, do not read this in the same sentence as hearing about the Nate McMillan and Brad Stevens contract extensions)

    Anyways, if we learnt anything from the "hey! we're more than just Giannis" Bucks about our third string players...

    They're a work of art

    courtesy of A Wong

    Go Raps
    Edit: If any of the mods can fix the is in fact the "Raptors" facing the Sixers...not just the mascot of the year
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    Nurse load managing himself lmao
    The name's Bond, James Bond.


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      Raps working hard to get Griffin that Bulls job....


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        Raps looking a bit slow on the rotations - number of fouls already to the starters


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          Sloppy start. Embiid still struggling against Gasol though lol
          The name's Bond, James Bond.


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            5 minutes in - Lowry with three fouls


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              Pascal needs to be Pascal.


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                Looks like we're in vacation mode
                OG is our king


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                  consmap wrote: View Post
                  Looks like we're in vacation mode
                  Fire Griffin


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                    The offense is garbage. Siakam can't hit any shots and his shot selection is brutal. And i don't know, if i'm struggling offensively, instead of shooting 3's and fadeaways, I'd try and attack the rim and get to the line instead.
                    Mamba Mentality


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                      Gasol does indeed read RR


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                        Come on boys, we gotta get Thomas a shot
                        The name's Bond, James Bond.


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                          Gasol with 8 points after one quarter - let the quibbling over how many shots he should be taking start anew.


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                            All of the Sixers role players knocking down shots. Lets see how long that lasts.


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                              Man, Lowry really wants a call lol
                              The name's Bond, James Bond.