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  • Raptor adjustments

    I am back! Still waiting for MU to send me my bag lol....This is a simple fix, we can beat this tram

    every single team has a glue guy, who is Boston’s glue guy? Tatum, brown....its kemba mother fuckin walker! Anyone remember what he did at uconn? It was the best point guard performance I ever seen from the Maui to the championship.

    shut down kemba! Do what Chicago did to John starks to slow him down. On offence he needs to take licks no matter where he goes. On defence run him through every screen, pick and roll, he is under 6 foot create mismatches and post his ass up. Throw everything at him so he is always thinking what’s coming next.

    last but not least but Thomas on the floor he is the only player outside the starters that forces teams to change how they play the raptors
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    Raptor adjustments? Make our dam 3's


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      It's Klaw Season. Time to hunt.


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            If you label that video how kemba walker effects every position would you know the difference.

            I watched a few times looking at the mistakes. There was a play where kemba left the ball handler and ran to Lowry cause he knew where the ball was going. That means we are predictable which means we can be controlled.

            somewhere along the line people forgot Boston has 2 years of game footage and a 6 month pause mid season to watch it.

            this is my problem with the offence we do have multi options off one play but we don’t use all those options on a night tonight so players get stuck in a few combinations...well this is why there are options. Where are the black doors cuts?

            pascal lets talk about him for a second...he has all the tools but is not a expert at using them, we all know this. The problem is where is that I am going to destroy xyz? Does he have the gene?


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              Yo I swear raptors read these forums MU I want my bag


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                Which ever raptor employee is reading my shit PM me


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                  is og on tatum is like us putting kawhi on giannis last year.


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                    TrueTorontoFan wrote: View Post
                    is og on tatum is like us putting kawhi on giannis last year.
                    KNOCK ON WOOD IT BETTER BEEEE

                    TIME WILL TELLLLL

                    GOOD FIRST RESULTS

                    KNOCK ON WOOD COME ON PPPPPLL

                    #Giannis + KAWHI 2021