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Way-Too-Early Predictions for Every Major NBA Award Winner

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    ceez wrote: View Post
    i don't think that's an award
    lol thats my own award
    Abbas wrote:

    First of all i was my own source


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      Abbas wrote: View Post
      Kevin Durant and Lebron is middle name is not Wall

      lol Wall will be luck to get into the top 10 players
      Most Valuable Player ... Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love are pretty scary ... Westbrook and Ibaka is an impressive tandem ... Brad Beal and Marcin Gortat sound like lead pieces on a winning team? I'm sure LeBron or Durant will win it, but I tried to think of the Most Valuable Player to their team in the NBA next year - who will also be putting up large stats. Wall
      The only way to bag a classy lady is to give her two tickets to the gun show... and see if she likes the goods.


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        the nba analysts are suffering like we are ... too much time on their hands in august so they are filling it the only way they know how

        and we are responding in the only way we know how


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          ross has a legit chance at most improved

          - the US got most of its exposure to ross through the playoffs, where he was terrible
          - because of rudy last year his numbers appeared lower
          - this year, given the added minutes and only minimal improvement in his play 14/5/2/1.5 is pretty attainable
          next years lance stephenson(under derozans wing after he made the step, similar to paul george)