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playoffs...your talking about play offs?

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  • playoffs...your talking about play offs?

    For the sake of argument, lets assume the raptors make the play offs as either a 6/7/8 seed.

    Whats the best match up for an offensively minded, defensively challenged squad that is as capable of beating or losing to any team in the NBA on any given night.

    Possible match ups include the Cavs, Magic, Celtics and Hawks. We have beat each team in the top four except for the Celtics.

    I'd argue that the Cavs are the worst match up simply because the raps have no one to put on Bron and I don't think its possible for them to lose in the 1st round. Cavs in five.

    From then on I'd choose the Magic, mainly because I think playing against his ex team is the only that might wake Hedo up from his season long nap/coma/slumber party. It's always exciting when HWSNBN comes back into town and if nothing else I think it might be an entertaining series. Obviously the worry is that the Magic make it rain all series long and Redick the raptor killer keeps killing. Magic in 6.

    The Celtics pose obvious problems with thier play off experience, but thier age and the raptors versatility on offense might prove problematic for thier lock down defense. I think the raps would have the easiest time defending them out of the top four as thier wings are no longer blessed with speed and agility. Rondo is the biggest threat as he represents a triple double every night and could even possible throw up a quad. The longer this series goes, the better it bodes for the younger, healthier raptors. Celtics in 7.

    The Hawks on paper pose the biggest mismatch. Athletic players who fly up and down the court and disrupt our finesse offense and destroy our house of cards defense. They are deep, shoot well and have a good, but not great go to guy in Joe Johnson. They are unproven in the post season, but presumably hungry. We've beaten the Hawks twice this year and lost one time so bad it should of counted as three. This series could go either way with a couple games likely being ugly. Raptors in 7.

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    I'd pick the Celtics. I hate them would have so much enjoyment seeing them bomb in round one. They're also getting so old that they offer the best opportunity at advancing. I would not want the Hawks, no thank you. I would place the Hawks in a tie for the second least I'd like the Raptors to play in round one.


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      We've only beaten the Hawks once and lost to them twice. I think going up against the Celtics or Magic would be best for the Raptors because both teams would not run their offense on the fast break (against our poor transition defense) as much as the Hawks and both teams do not have a player who poses a colossal match-up problem like LeBron would if we were to face the Cavs.

      If the Raptors can play decent perimeter defense, a series win against the Magic isn't impossible. We all know our offense can keep up with theirs if this happens.

      When it comes to the Celtics, I think our quicker offense would be a key factor in facing an old team.


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        I'd like to face the Celts or Cavs.You maybe thinking y cavs? well think about it we beat the cavs at home(at the opener) and than at cleavland we would have won but aren last 5 minutes did us in and in our last meeting we got them into overtime WITHOUT BOSH so i think we can hang tough with them


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          Does it matter? the way we have been playing in the past 3 weeks any of the teams mentioned above would beat the Raptors in 4 straight games, you can book it.


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            yes but its the playoffs 'nuff said


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              Magic>Cavs>Celtics>Hawks in that order. Reasoning is that's the order in which Bosh is able to operate at his best (the worst being against KG and the Hawks' athletic bigs). But frankly I don't like our chances on any of them. With the way we have been playing this past month, I don't even like our chances of making the playoffs.


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                Anyone, but Boston!


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                  Who cares really? They could upset any of them, but are more than likely to get their butts spanked.


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                    This team is all about momentum, if they can finish strong and confident, they could steal a first round series.

                    I don't think KG can hang with Bosh anymore, not even close. Once Bosh puts up one big game on him, I think he can break the spell of dominance KG has had over him.

                    When the raps are playing well, they are nearly unbeatable at home. The key would be to go into a hostile environment and squeak out a nail biter.

                    This is probably the last guy go around for this squad, it would be nice if they could leave us a couple fond memories to block out all the nightmarish performances.

                    Plus in the play offs, the injury card is always a big threat. KG and Jameer were out of last years play offs, Wade got hurt in game one, Horford during the series and the cavs are always one lightning strike away from Bron fading.


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                      Magic -- not because the Raptors stand a chance against them ... simply because they match up much worse against the other three teams.

                      Cleveland may have been my choice if Shaq was healthy but without Shaq in the lineup the Cavs will use smaller quicker big man rotations which will reduce the Raptors one major advantage offensively against them.

                      The Celtics and the Hawks will make mince meat out of Toronto. The Raptors would do well to win one game.