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    I think we need to have an RR friendly betting competition on who gets the 15th roster spot as that is the most compelling story line of training camp, personally I am with team Cherry. The 'steamer' makes zero sense on this team even as a practice body, Casey would have to write-off Fields completely if Hamilton were to make-it. And for a practice body Cherry makes the most sense, Lowry and Williams need a quick 6'3 defensive guard to practice against. And of the three Cherry has the most upside.
    What are you talking about?

    Greg Stiemsma makes more sense then all the other guys because we don't have a back up C and that's what GS can provide.
    How does Cherry make the most sense when we have Lou Williams? Cherry will never play and if injuries happen Lou can play backup PG minutes
    "Both teams played hard my man" - Sheed


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      Does anyone know when Media Day is?
      I relish negativity and disappointment. It is not healthy. Somebody buy me a pony.