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  • Single Seats on sale today

    What games are you guys going to. Just had a quick check, and I'm definitely hitting the Wizards game on November 7. Early test and battle for 2nd or Third in conference I believe.
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    That will be fun to see. I've marked down Spurs (my fav team outside raps), Lakers (Kobe's last dance?), Chicago (To finally see Rose, plus that's who we must beat in the east).

    The lakers and bulls tickets, I'm going to hold off until later just to see if Kobe and Rose are both healthy lol


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      Honestly, I was hoping to get myself some tickets for a decent price, but they raised the prices of tickets, even in the upper bowl.

      I even looked at a Utah Jazz game, and a single lower bowl ticket costs $200.

      I wanted to go to a Bulls, OKC, or Cleveland game, but that won't be happening haha. I'll be cheering from my couch
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        Bro the prices are ridiculous now! Section 108 for playoffs and section 108 for Cavs game are the same prices! I had section 108 for game 1 vs nets.

        However, a good quality team for a NICE cheap price is the spurs. They're prices are dirt cheap almost.