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Bulls vs Cavs vs Raptors vs Wizards

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  • Bulls vs Cavs vs Raptors vs Wizards

    Each team has there strengths and weaknesses

    PGs #1/2 Wall/Lowry #3 Irving #4 Rose
    Lowry and Wall are basically tied up, Irving needs to play defense and distribute but he isnt far from lowry or wall. Rose is coming off a major injury and likely will contribute less than the other 3.

    SGs #1 DeMar #2 Beal #3Butler #4 Waiters
    DeMar easily the best. Beal bringing offense and butler defense therefore Beal is not far above butler, Waiter can bring offense but very in consistent.

    SF #1 Lebron #2/3 Ross/Pierce#4 Dunleavy
    Lebron, no need to explain. Ross=3&D, Pierce year older still has high basketball IQ so he tied up, Dunleavy got 3s only

    PF #1 Love #2/3 Gasol/Nene #4 Amir
    Love got no defense but still is way better then the other 3. Gasol will give offense to a team lacking, Nene great when healthy and Amir okay offence but pretty good defense especially when healthy but worst of the 4

    C #1 Noah #2/3/4 Jonas Gortat Varejao
    Noah amazing defensive and passer but limited offense, still above the 3. Jonas, Gorat and Varejao all near all star Centers next year especially if healthy

    PG #1 Vasquez #2 Miller #3 Brooks #4 Lucas
    Vasquez easily the best but Miller even old is good, Brooks unlikely to play like Augustine and Lucas just bad.

    SGs #1 L. Williams #2 Heinrich #3 Dellavedova #4 Webster
    Williams is a true 6th man and Webster would normally be #2 but coming off injury, Heinrich a smart veteran, Dellavedova still learned

    SF #1 Marion #2 J. Johnson #3 Porter #4 McBuckets
    Think Marion has enough left to be #1, JJ has best the defense and if he structures his offense can be #1, Porter should be better than last year , McBuckets a rookie.

    PF #1 Patterson #2 Hump #3 TT #4 Mirotic
    Patterson is a stretch 4 with some room to grow, Hump is tough, TT needs to put skills together, Mirotic might be a good stretch 4 but will get limited playing time

    C #1 Taj #2 Gooden #3 Stiemsma #4 Haywood
    Gasol might play more back-up but had him at PF Taj is the class of these 4, Gooden has his strengths, Stiemsma will be OK for 10 to 12 minutes, Haywood trash

    You likely won't agree but tried to be as unbiased as I can shows teams strengths and weaknesses and it is hrd to judge a Rookie like McBuckets and a 2nd year player like Porter who had injuries and when he did play wasn't great.

    SOURCE- cammac from realgm, I added some thing to it but his/her write

    Extra, my predictions
    1. Cle
    2. TOR
    3. Chi
    4. Was
    5. Cha
    6. Mia
    7. Atl
    8. NYK

    Cle> NYK in 5
    Tor> Atl in 6
    Mia> Chi in 7
    Cha> Was in 7

    Cle>Cha in 6
    Tor>Mia in 7

    Cle> Tor in 7

    OKC> Cle in 6

    Finals MVP= KD
    MVP=KD, runner up LBJ
    ROY=Andrew Wiggins, runner up Nerlens Noel
    MIP= Kawhi Leonard, runer up Anthony Bennett
    Sixth=Isiah Thomas , runner up Jamal Crowford
    Abbas wrote:

    First of all i was my own source

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    Thanks for the break down. Agree to most.


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      Dang, I'd be overjoyed if we get to the ECF.
      The name's Bond, James Bond.