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Game #8 Toronto Raptors vs Sacramento Kings - Jan 8th - 10pm Eastern

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  • Yuri Gagarin wrote: View Post

    I can ask. My sister is friends with him. Super nice guy. Hes actually the original raptor mascot from ‘95 all these years same guy. They have a new younger guy in recently too. so two right now
    Very low bar, but he's the best mascot in Toronto by far


    • bertarapsfan wrote: View Post

      RR now has a mainline to the one and only raptor. we made it!
      Ask him if he got a ring. Nav got one so why not the raptor
      Yes he did get a ring 👍🏻


      • Nice to see that we all aren't perched on a ledge ready to jump. And really nice to see how 2 1/2 good quarters can turn people around 180 degrees. About a week ago I commented on a Blake Murphy piece in The Athletic how much I appreciated his measured approach to reporting, and how what a nice change it was from the shrieking that goes in the RR forums when the team loses 2 or more in a row. He said that reading the comments from the "burn it to the ground" crowd was something he did not miss. Made me feel better about bailing on the last blowout.

        Nice to see people playing up to their capabilities.