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    People are always talking about this logjam at the point for the Suns. Thing is Hornacek always said he just considers them guards. They don't exactly have any real "shooting guards", besides Goodwin who probably won't play much. Green and Tucker tend to play the 3 mostly. Seems to be the way the league is moving in general.

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      I think Phoenix has a better idea of what they're doing than we give them credit for. This whole "why do the Suns have Ennis? They should get rid of him" thing has been going on since they unexpectedly drafted him. Just because Ennis is 4th on the PG depth chart doesn't necessarily mean he's the guard on the chopping block.

      The Suns will want to see what they have in Ennis to find out whether he is more of a long term fit for the team than Thomas or even Bledsoe or Dragic. I think it goes without saying that the Suns are not still going to have all 4 PGs on their roster 12 months from now, but Ennis is the one that has the least value around the league. The best strategy for the Suns is to evaluate what you have, and decide which of the guards is going to get you more than you believe they're worth. That person is not necessarily Ennis, and it certainly isn't Ennis right now.

      For this year, they'll survive the embarrassment of riches at one position because of the flexibility of most of their guards. They can keep everyone for the foreseeable future without being too uneven.
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        CalgaryRapsFan wrote: View Post
        I could see a multi-team trade being made at the deadline with Lou Williams going out, Ennis coming in, and some prospect/pick going to Phoenix (Toronto would likely have to take back another player to balance salaries).

        With Vasquez being able to play both PG and SG, and Williams an expiring contract, I think Ennis would be a good 3rd PG to develop on the roster; remember, MU likes stacking at each position, with a young guy as the 3rd stringer.

        If I'm MU, I certainly wouldn't give up too much of value (ie: good young player or 1st round pick) for Ennis at this point. Any of the depth fodder, such as Williams, Hansbrough, Hayes, Fields (for their expiring contract), etc... would be fine. I'd even give up a 2nd round pick as part of such a deal.
        Yeah that could work, but nothing will happen until close to the trade deadline. There's no point for anyone to rush into anything. Lou might be back to old Lou in which case you keep him and hope to sign him back for cheap in the offseason. Ennis might turn out to be a bigger project than expected in which case you leave him where he is and assess at a later date.
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          Keep in mind, PHX has absolutely no bad contracts, and are still under the cap floor right now. Cap relief will not be something they are after.


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            007 wrote: View Post
            lol Phoenix fucked this up. Ennis will not get time to develop there unless they trade Bledsoe (unlikely), Dragic (unlikely) or Thomas (they got him at a bargain, so they shouldn't). I think they should trade Ennis for a prospect that fits a need.
            It's all depending on the circumstances; best case scenario, they only play Ennis up to only 10-12 mins a game for two seasons and Masai keeps tabs with Ennis' agent and will stage a low value transaction to grab Ennis at lower than projected value ( a low 1st round draft pick or a high 2nd round).

            Worst case: Ennis becomes the Primary backup and plays 20-25 min and is looking like a 6th man of the year candidate, we have to trade a good player and a 1st round pick.