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Game #9 Toronto Raptors vs Golden State Warriors - Jan 10th - 830pm EST

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    It's not an impossible scenario, though. If our team is sucking hard and there are no logical trade partners (i.e. Clippers don't want to give up assets), then Masai could do that as parting gift to Lowry. There are a number of articles that confirm that Masai considered tanking the first year he got here.... so he's not above fielding a bad roster to get a good pick, so let's stop acting like it's sacrilege to even consider and discuss it. You've all just been spoiled with so much winning over the last decade. Nobody would want to see Lowry leave (and especially not for nothing), but it could definitely happen.
    There is exactly a 0% chance Lowry would be waived.

    They may absolutely decide to move him if the season progresses and they still can't string any wins together.


    • He would've saved our season! THANK you for noticing the truth golden

      Also sorry all, was gone for awhile had to take a hiatus from the internet! Too much screens with all this covid zooming.