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Game #12 Charlotte Hornets(6-7) @ Toronto Raptors(3-8) 7:30pm TSN

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  • Kagemusha wrote: View Post

    Money-wise, yes.
    Game-wise is another thing.
    It's all about money, marketing, self promotion.
    Very little is done as far as the integrity of the game is concerned.
    Silver's attempts to make the team more offense oriented results in all of these bs officiating.
    They rake in billions annually, yet they can't address the officiating.

    Also, your point about transparency and non bias shows the league's utter hypocrisy because they keep repeating the same errors which obviously favors the superstars and the big market teams.
    I don't know how multiple foul calls (many of them phantom or ticky tacky incidental contact) helps if the goal is more offense. It does more to kill momentum, slow the game and increase game times where most sports are trying to find ways to decrease.

    The NBA would be a far more fantastic game if they allowed more minor contact and regularly penalized flopping like they started to in the NHL. Give them unsportsmanlike fouls. Start with lebron .... and if you flop without even being touched, give them a one game suspension


    • Raptors just waive Len...

      freeing a roster spot?