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Like an Episode of "Survivor"

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  • Like an Episode of "Survivor"

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    Love the insight ws511 and I feel the exact same way. I just found myself flicking back and forth between the game and "Ice Road Truckers" instead. Those dudes are freakin' nuts.

    Fan support will always be there. We're a rabid group of supporters that are obviously gluttons for punishment. If we aren't, then we're cheering for the wrong franchise.

    This has been a reoccuring theme of this franchise for far too long now. If we're going to rebuild, we need to commit to it. Building mediocre teams in Toronto has to stop at some point. Even if that means parting ways with Bosh in a sign-and-trade this summer is the first step in building a better product on the court 5 years from now, sobeit. Losing the way we have during the second half of this season just sucks in general. It's hard being a fan right now.


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      I fell asleep midway through the 3rd... I never recovered. I am thoroughly happy with my choice.