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  • Looking Back...

    Do you feel the team would be better or worse if Colangelo elected to re-sign Marion? Keep in mind all the factors that went into that summer as a result of the Turkoglu S&T.

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    is one of the factors that marion wanted more to sign with TO than he ended up signing for in DAL?
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      He's making a whole lot less than Turkoglu this year and having a far greater impact on his team.


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        I don't think Marion's contributions would be any worse than Hedo's has been. Defensively, sure Marion's an upgrade over Turk, but our team overall would still be weak on the defensive end.

        Main reason why signing Marion made more sense was from the financial side. Hedo's contract is crippling and next to impossible to move. So, whether you like it or not get used to Turkoglu because he's not leaving anytime soon.


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          Yeah, he's Toronto's Peja. Let's hope his health is a lot better than that.


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            Marion isn't a stretch four that seems to be all the rage these days, but he's a guy who can defend 4 positions, rebound, handle the ball and doesn't need or take too many shots. I thought Marion was the ideal guy we needed when we got him last year, but BC didn't give it time to gel and bailed on him early. He said he wasn't going to be a rental and that's exactly what he ended up being.

            I don't think Marion is the player he was in Phoenix, but he has matured entering his twilight years and thrived in Dallas adapting his game to revolve around defense and rebounding, which is precisely what this team is missing.

            Considering we got less than 0 production from Hedo this year in that he made the raps worse almost every time he was on the floor, Marion would have likely allowed us to lock down the fifth seed.