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Game #31 Philadelphia 76ers vs Toronto Raptors Sunday February 21, 7:00 p.m. ET

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  • Game #31 Philadelphia 76ers vs Toronto Raptors Sunday February 21, 7:00 p.m. ET

    A big test lies ahead for the Toronto Raptors as they will begin a two-game homestand against the East’s best: the Philadelphia 76ers. Joel Embiid has averaged 35.2 points with a 66.4 TS% over his last 9 games. Coming off a 50-point, 17-rebound, 5-assist, 4-block outing against the Chicago Bulls on Friday night, Embiid has definitely shown he is the MVP this season. He is leading his 76ers to a 20-10 record while averaging 30.5 points on .547/.400/.853 shooting splits, to go along with 11 rebounds, 3.2 assists, and 1.3 steals and blocks per game.

    Where to Watch

    TSN3/TSN4, 7:00 p.m. ET

    Toronto — Kyle Lowry (doubtful - thumb)

    Philadelphia — Ben Simmons (probable – illness), Shake Milton (probable – left ankle sprain)


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    Hopefully its a good game, embid is going to be tough to handle.......maybe we should just let him score and cover everyone else.....
    Or since hes too big, just go old school and hack him every shot, lol

    What is it with lowry and Philly, every year he has just been injured/coming off injury when they play. A couple of times his playing injured even hurt us, hopefully if he plays this time he is good.

    Simmons is coming off an absolute monster game, but we have ways of shutting down players who can't shoot, I think, lol
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      Didn’t expect to beat Milwaukee. Would love to be surprised again. Go Raps.


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        We are champs, we are not afraid of any team. We can beat Sixers.


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          Both Van Vleet and Pascal have to step up in a high profile game like this...

          Van Vleet is required to have an efficient night.

          Pascal also has to be aggressive
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            Pretty sure we’ll be blitzing Embiid since he’s already prone to turnovers. That strategy could work really well, or backfire spectacularly if the other guys are all hitting their 3pt shots at a high rate.

            If Simmons plays then that would be the guy to cheat off in the half court, like Bledsoe in the ECF. But still have to slow him down in transition like Giannis and close to gaps on his drives.


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              This is going to sound crazy to many (even to myself as I type it), but I believe it : if Lowry sits this one out we'll have a better chance to win this. Fred & Lowry on the court at the same forfeits too much length vs Philly.

              I'm going on eye test alone and maybe the numbers would show otherwise, but it feels like teams always kill us with wing/corner 3's when they share the court. We just don't have the collective length and speed to contest them. Both of them are outstanding on-ball defenders, and can guard even bigger wings but it seems when they're helping/doubling in the paint (which they're awesome at), they simply don't have the time to contest a 3 from the wing/corner properly. They run with their hand up for the heck of it, but the shooter never seems bothered and calmly releases at their own pace (whereas if it's OG/Siakam/boucher storming at them, you can count on that shot being very uncomfortable or blocked)

              And offensively, without an Ibaka to pick and roll/pop properly, they will have hard time generating space around Simmons. I wish Nurse would stagger Lowry and Fred. No disrespect to neither, but if either of them is paired with the spacing Norm provides (rather then being on the floor at the same time), things woul look a lot more fluid.
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                Maybe some Boston schadenfruede will help us out. Blew a 24 pt lead to the Pellies


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                  Interesting....small ball lineup to start


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                    Me after watching the Chowders cough up a 24 point lead late in the 3rd Q and losing it in OT.
                    I know its wrong to revel in the misfortune of other human beings.
                    But the Chowders and their fans aren’t human. So there.

                    And with the 4th overall pick the Toronto Raptors select..... Scottie Barnes.


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                      Small worked against the Bucks because they ignores Lopez. The 76ers won’t forget about Embiid. Bonne chance


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                        Jclaw wrote: View Post
                        Small worked against the Bucks because they ignores Lopez. The 76ers won’t forget about Embiid. Bonne chance
                        They can sort of ignore Simmons in half-court, but have to stop his drives and pick him up in transition.


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                          Tough game tonight vs contenders. Let's see where how Raptors match up
                          Only one thing matters: We The Champs.


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                            Norm and Tobias are pretty similar tbh.


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                              OG's dribbling is an adventure.