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Game #34 Toronto Raptors vs Detroit Pistons Mar. 3, 7:00 pm Eastern(???)

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  • S.R. wrote: View Post
    Yeah it's really hard to separate the coach from the personnel but I do recall a visible on-court improvement going from Triano > Casey as far as player effort, hustle, defensive intensity - they just looked like more of a team, trying harder, more of the time.

    That said they were a 22 win team in Triano's last year and a 23 win team in Casey's first year. The next year Kyle Lowry arrived and wins went 34 > 48 > 49 > 56 the next 4 seasons and they were suddenly a perennial 50+ win second or third round playoff team. In hindsight now I wonder how much of that was Kyle Lowry more than anybody else, if you're attributing influence to one guy.

    But I would say this as an oversimplification maybe - Casey is a coach who raises the floor of your team but Nurse is a coach who raises the ceiling of your team.

    Having said that, Case was back to coaching a 20 win team in Detroit last year so there's that whole personnel vs coach issue again....
    Sure, Lowry and Masai deserve most of the credit. A guy like Nate McMillan might have gotten the same results as Casey. But also remember that Lowry was almost run out of town until Masai traded Rudy Gay for the actual bench depth that Lowry could elevate. It's a bit of both.

    Casey as floor raiser and Nurse as ceiling raiser is what I said earlier, especially pertaining to the first taste of regular role for young guys and developing a minimally functional bench. So yeah, in agreement with that general premise. In Nurse's championship year, recall that Fred, OG and Powell took steps backwards, CJ lost his confidence entirely and flamed out of the league and Nurse had no time for Delon, so he got traded. There's a definite pattern there with Nurse and young players / bench development and it isn't all roses, even when we had more depth.


    • Jclaw wrote: View Post
      Is harris even healthy? He hasn't played for the 905 since dislocating his finger. I guess it's back in place. Tonight should be fun. Tomorrow should be a bloodbath

      Live footage of Maury going out with a bang

      I got jobbed by the NBA, the government, the CDC, and Kawhi.