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Triano Sending the Wrong Message?

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  • Triano Sending the Wrong Message?

    Tim Chisholm's turn to rip into Triano.

    Good piece too.

    The thing is though; despite near nightly locker pleas for increased effort and intensity by some, the most egregious offenders feel no need to pick up the slack because the coach feels no need to discipline them for their self-made limitations. Heck, Calderon was PROMOTED last week instead of being reprimanded for his complete lack of defensive execution. Coach says he likes the way the offense runs when Calderon has the ball, but has offense really been the issue these last few weeks? Has anyone really watched this listless team since the All-Star break as they rack up losses and say to themselves ''if only this team could fix its offensive attack?'' I didn't think so.

    The message that promoting Calderon sends to the troops, then, is that one is rewarded for positive offensive performances and not for positive defensive effort. In fact, one can be a wretched defender but they'll be gifted with a starting spot so long as they are perceived to be a better option on offense. No wonder Reggie Evans is always looking to post-up instead of boxing-out, or that Sonny Weems would rather jack a transition jumper than stop an odd-numbered fast break score. The message being sent in Raptor-land is that if you impact the team on offense, you get promoted.

    Now, obviously this is a bit of an over-simplification of the matter, but remember this all comes back to accountability. How can Triano preach defense in practice or in the huddle when he has said loud and clear with his actions that defense is a secondary priority for him. Look at the Raptors starting five right now; is there a worse five-man defensive unit that the team could assemble with its 12-man rotation? Statistically, the book on this team is that they are not only the season's worst defensive outfit but they are competing for historically bad status, yet defense is still not prioritized with accountability.
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    It's become so bad that I look forward to Leafs games more than Raptors games.


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      People seem to hate that I defend Triano, but it's mostly against ignorant attacks. This is a valid point that TIm Chisholm makes, but I don't entirely agree. The fact is that the first unit was getting behind on a fairly regular basis, and the second unit would come in and play better. A lot of that was due to Calderon. I suggested weeks ago that maybe putting Calderon back in the starting unit might help prevent falling behind in the first quarter so often.

      If Triano really wants to send a message, though, he'd start Johnson, Bosh, Wright, Weems and Banks one game. Not sure how well that would go over, though.
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        I might say that too nowadays. I can't guarantee quick success, but Brian Burke is trying to set the attitude and effort level of the Leafs kids. I'm not sure right now if the Leaf talent is balanced at all, but it is priority #1 for Burke that every Maple Leaf on the bench will play gritty and dirty before winning or losing. Blue Jays will be a hog-wash, but no Halladay rumors and Rios ( who singlehandedly remindes me of Turk and Bargnani put together) will be refreshing.

        Now on to basketball, this Euro-ball crap should be hacked and buried this summer. Glad Bosh's mom did not try to play GM, and Bosh does not say he won't dunk anymore or outcry to demand a trade. Colangelo should award Bosh with a nice big contract and trade for as much in return. If they are a load of under 21 players, fine with me...and if Turk and Bargs has a problem with it, they can suck it because they will out work them for sure.


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          I honestly think this is a joint failure on all levels. The coach is trying but not doing the right things and the players are not being professional and have no self sense of pride or accountability. Its not all on the coaches, its both the coaches and the players. A player who depends solely on the coach for inspiration instead of pride in himself and his trade is a player who won't be contributing to anything meaningful in his career unless he gets lucky and rides someone Else's coattail. If Bosh were a great leader he would be lighting up his teammates when they don't try on D, instead of focusing on getting his own on offense... Padding them contract year stats. If Hedo wasn't dead weight he'd care enough to look in the mirror and take ownership for his poor play and lack of effort. If Calderon were a true competitor he'd grow a set and play like a man. If Bargnani had a clue he would realize that offense is only one aspect that goes into a win and he'll never find the success or respect he desires by sitting idle when the ball isn't in his hands. I can keep going...
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