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  • Continuity ranking

    Very interesting chart based on Schuhmann's continuity study:

    Basically, it should be read the following way:

    97% of Spurs minutes last year were played by players still on the roster this season. Then it digs deeper: 77.7% of 2012/13 and 63.2% of 2011/12 minutes were played by 2014/15 Spurs.

    Quick notes:

    # Philly's rebuilding is impressive when looked this way! One of 3 teams that don't count any player left from their 11/12 roster.
    # Raps rank really well considering all the minutes given to Gay at the beggining of last season. This is not a surprise since continuity IS the plan, but I'd love to see what this would look like post Gay trade: I think they'd be up there with OKC/Blazers.
    # Miami is surprinsingly stable: 50% of minutes are gone, but they were Lebron, Jones and Allen's. The frame of the team is still there.
    # This is a good way to actually see who is in "win now" mode and who is still taking some gambles

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    Neat find. Thanks for sharing.

    I like the way it's based on % of MP rather than just roster spots. Eliminates a lot of the end of the bench turnover that has minimal impact.

    The Raps have locked up their core fairly well, so this should continue to be our trend.
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      Great graphic. Makes it easy to compare Raps to other teams. Thanks Fanchie.


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        If you look at playoff minutes, the Raps kept 94% of them - rank very highly.


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          Great find Fanchie
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            DanH wrote: View Post
            If you look at playoff minutes, the Raps kept 94% of them - rank very highly.
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              KeonClark wrote: View Post
              Him and Rudy Gay are pretty much the only reasons we are not right near 100%. Glad to be away from 100%, given that.