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Do the Raptors Have Too Much Depth (Grantland article)

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    Too much depth only becomes a problem when players don't accept their roles. If you have 9 players who all feel they should be starting, that's a problem.


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      I was saying this last year already, when people were debating who had the best bench. I basically said yes, we have a better #8-10 than most other teams, but most teams had better #1-3 guys than we had.

      Of course, back then I also thought we would win about 30 games.

      Looking at our roster now, I would say we have solid #6-9 players, better than most teams. However I do believe like the author suggests that sometimes bench isn't as important as a marquee player. Putting names to numbers, I would much prefer to say we had terrible options at #7-9 and also be able to say that DeRozan and Lowry make great 2nd and 3rd best players, if you catch my drift..

      But this team has great chemistry. It's hard to mess with that. When we acquired Rudy Gay, we thought we were getting a new #1 and look where that got us. To mess with the chemistry now, you would have to be absolutely sure it'll make you a better team.
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