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Game #39 Raps at Pistons Wednesday March 17th 7pm on TSN4

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  • Game #39 Raps at Pistons Wednesday March 17th 7pm on TSN4

    What's this I see?

    Ahh, never mind. It was just this

    (can't bring myself to post a picture of a leprechaun)

    It's less than 0'ninety minutes to game time so I thought I throw my hat in the ring.

    That also means that the every Raptors fan's favourite website (the NBAofficial injury update) has been updated.

    OG still out as expected and the rest of that group is the slightly more favourable "questionable"

    On the plus side, this guy.. doubtful.

    i don't think he missed a 3 against us last time.

    As far as we can tell, only FVV had a few sips of the Corona so we'll see how sharp the rest of the group is.

    It would be nice to start winning some games but maybe let's just get healthy first.

    We know what this team can do,

    Incidentally, I know I shouldn't find this funny,
    but this looked really strange when I saw it today.

    We have been f#&*'n spoiled as Raps fans. As one who has been through the thin and the thick, it still seems like a novelty to see the Raps with an "11" beside their name. Maybe Dennis Scott was onto something

    Anyways, let's see if we can start the climb back up the hill.
    Cheer, boo, do what you want but unless you've had Covid,
    I don't want to read anyone crapping on Freddy tonight.

    Go Raps

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    Watch the two that get to play are McCaw and Flynn.


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      Pascal and Fred are back.. we may win this one!! Yay!!!


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        I remember McGruder talking shit last time. Let's see what happens tonight lol.
        Mamba Mentality


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          Pascal and Fred are back and Boucher got the start. We're almost back


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            I just hope Pascal and Fred are feeling as alright as they can be

            Also PJ Tucker just got traded to the Bucks, damn
            The name's Bond, James Bond.


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              Watson with a 3 to end the Q
              OG is our king


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                I have figured it out. Baynes does better on bunnies when they are blind.


                • #9
                  Watson shot that 3 like he does that on the regular. I like it


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                    Stewart is 2/7 from 3 for the entire season thus far and already 2/2 against the Raptors lol


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                      Watson looks way better when he doesn't have any pressure to create
                      OG is our king


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                        They should have had a COVID friendly gym to practice free throws.


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                          Ugh those rebounds
                          OG is our king


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                            Just nice to not see the hockey change bench


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                              damn I just can't help but notice Matt Thomas struggling on defense
                              Only one thing matters: We The Champs.