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Take a Look at This! Makes You Wonder..

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  • Take a Look at This! Makes You Wonder..

    This was just posted on Yahoo Sports and wow. I mean imagine the Raptors had even TWO or THREE guys like this. Fans in Houston dont know how lucky they are to see their team hustling like crazy. I wish Raps had a team that thought this way.I mean the Raps are IN the Playoffs while Houston is on the outside looking in.

    F Luis Scola has perhaps the top work ethic in the NBA game today. So the fact that Houston is virtually out of the playoff picture doesn't mean he will stop trying. "Our chances are slim to none to make the playoffs," Scola said. "We're playing pretty much for a miracle. It's hard to focus and it's hard to concentrate. We have no choice. It's our duty. This is our job. We owe it to the people who pay our checks. We owe it to the fans. We owe it to the game. More important than anything else, we owe it to ourselves. "We work really, really hard, everybody here in this locker room to make themselves a name in the NBA. We can't throw that away for 10 games. We have to play harder than ever. We have to be more together than ever." Scola led Houston with 25 points Wednesday in a loss to Oklahoma City.


    A man can only dream right.

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    Great find!

    I wish every athlete in Toronto came to work every day with this unwavering mindset.
    RR OG


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      we should ask Arsenalist to forward this to Triano and BC and maybe theyll sign and trade Bosh for Scola.


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        It's the hard-working, tough as nails American mentality that Luis Alberto Scola Balvoa simply exudes. Man, I wish Toronto had more Americans on their team like him.