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    CalgaryRapsFan wrote: View Post
    If your mentality is to look beyond just the 1st round, then seeding is far more important, to ensure you have home-court advantage as long as possible. Whether it's seeding or using roster spots to matchup against a specific player, a true culture change would be to start thinking about winning in the grand scheme of things, not just focusing on getting to the playoffs or out of the first round.
    I would also say that in the most likely way to get a favourable matchup in the first round is to get as high a seed as possible. So even in the first round, seeding matters a great deal. It's not like you aim for the 4th/5th seed because you think your best matchup will be there. Chances are playing the 7th/8th seed is almost always the better option, and getting a top 2 seed may just be attainable this year.