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    Bendit wrote: View Post
    Mr. Z, thats a funny avatar....but has ominous meaning dont you think? Are you predicting a titanic like season for Amir & the Raptors?
    I don't think so... Its from Amir's Facebook page lol
    You come at the King, you best not miss.


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      mjt20mik wrote: View Post
      I do not think the Wizards are better than us, but the pick for them to rank third has some merit.

      I just think it is going to be hilarious to watch PP try and guard the elite 3s of this league. Dude is just old, and they will definitely miss Ariza on that end.
      And without Beal for the first month or so, we should be able to get ahead of them with him out.
      The name's Bond, James Bond.


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        Shirokin wrote: View Post
        See if we faced the Bulls and they beat us, people would say Chicago had elite defense and we couldn't score, if we had faced the the Nets we could have beat them, no low post presence, DWill, Joe Johnson, Paul Pierce and KG are all washed out, yada yada yada. Btw both Taj and Boozer are true PFs so it's not like 2Pat would have an easier time. Also we split the regular season with the Nets lol.
        I just said that Patterson struggles guarding true PFs. What's your point?


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          iblastoff wrote: View Post
          lol based on our 1st round exit in the playoffs you surmised that we would have gotten to the second round? sure.

          i think you're forgetting the bulls game in the regular season when friggin dj augustin smoked us. theres a reason why his salary jumped from 650k to 3 mil a year now and that was directly in correlation with his performance in chicago.

          but honestly who cares about regular season series? nets were 4-0 against the heat in the regular season.

          its just ridiculous that after the playoffs in which we didn't even get past the first round, we're talking like washington had this super easy route with the bulls and pacers and nearly making it to the eastern finals was no big deal.

          people need to give credit where its due. trying to downplay another teams performance just to try and make ours look better is just dumb.
          I gave credit to the Wizards on how they played. I did not downplay their performance. Last year it was Miami then us/wizards that were the best teams in the east. Even Charles Barkley mentioned it. Yes, good point that you mentioned it was DJ Augustin and Boozer who were killing us offensively on that team. My point had we faced Chicago instead of Brooklyn, it would have been a tough but winnable series and will likely go 7 games just like the Brooklyn series.