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Game 44: Raptors vs Suns, Friday March 26 2021, 7:30 pm, SN

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    golden wrote: View Post

    Jack’s tired schitck reminds me of Night at the Roxbury.... a SNL skit that was funny for 3 minutes, but never should have been turned into a 2-hr movie.

    We need to bring in a well connected recently retired former player as the color analyst to get those inside scoops and insights that you get from other broadcasts (like Richard Jefferson in Brooklyn). Tough to find the right guy, because former players are usually pretty bad or boring or too far removed from playing days ... eg. Mo Pete. Alvin Williams started out pretty meh, but he is getting a little better these days. Hopefully he can take over for Jack soon.... like maybe next week?
    Jack's biggest problem is an 85 year old mind in a 55 year old body (still think he has Serge's birth certificate printer) and he just repeats the same tired lame lines over and over and over. Man his voice is just awful ..... he really needs to retire.


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      Yeah i like alvin too, seems more comfortable in front of camera now and able to deliver his thoughts more coherently. Maybe thats VCs path back to the raptors...broadcasting.