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    LOL .... Grange is right. If there's one thing that Hedo's done well this season, its making guys like Bosh and Andrea look better by taking pressure off the them. But perhaps now that the entire league knows how terribly Hedo has been struggling, teams can ignore him and go back to paying attention to guys like Bosh and Bargnani. Hence why we've been playing as bad as we have. Not entirely the only reason, but a portion of it.

    Coincidence? I think not.

    Hedo seems like a genial guy, quick with a smile, friendly, all of that. And you can make the case that he has, in some hard-to-define way made the Raptors better: Bosh is having a career season, Bargnani too. Could it be because Turkoglu has made the game easier for them with a flurry of Gretzky assists?


    But it’s just as hard to make the case that the $53-million man has his teammates’ backs and will go to war with them and for them, because he hasn’t so far and it’s getting pretty late for him to prove that he will.

    Kind makes you feel queasy.
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    Queasy??...Queasy???...Queazy? !!

    (I am thinking Mora)

    Dont be ridiculous. And dont talk to me about queazy. Hah. There are people vomiting a stream of bile and beer when Hedo does his stutter step shuffle resulting eventually to a whole bunch of nada including very often a fast break the other way for a slammolo.

    I've got to go change my shirt now.


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      I really hope this isn't barg's career year and you can chalk Bosh's numbers up to contract year.

      I just hope the Turkoflu isn't contagious.