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GAME #65 Toronto Raptors vs Los Angeles Lakers [Game is happening right now]

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    Lebron's caught way too much hate his whole career but he's incredible, a top 5 all time player, really could do pretty much everything, etc. etc. but the way things look to be winding down for him...I'm not a fan. The excuses. The deflection. The whining?

    Kobe was a killer right to the end even when he was less effective. MJ stepped out on top, came back fat, dropped some buckets while soaking up the glory, etc. an obvious victory lap. Vince decided to change gears, rewrite his narrative, become the team-friendly role player and locker room mentor... There are so many ways to wind up a career that don't include sacrificing your dignity as a basketball player. Just ball man. No one wants to hear excuses or see that soccer shit.
    I just don't understand how his brain works, to think trying to sell that will be a good idea.... he knows there's a thousand cameras on him, right? It just makes him look like a complete and utter buffoon.


    • We might get to not see Anunoby not play Ibaka tonight. Imagine the courstside scarf game. Bring it on Mixx (if that's still how we roll)