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Raps vs. Cavs - An Optimistic View Towards a Potential Playoff Matchup...

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  • Raps vs. Cavs - An Optimistic View Towards a Potential Playoff Matchup...

    The recent blow-out losses we've had were against defensively fundamental, and very athletic teams (Utah, Kings, OKC). If we have to face Cleveland in the first round, it may not be such a big deal for a couple of reasons:

    1) Lack of athleticism.
    Cleveland cannot be classified as an athletic team (outside of that guy, of course). Cleveland sure can go big, but they wouldn't be fast enough to defend transition plays (Shaq, Jamison, Parker). I know that teams tend to play half-court stuff more during the playoffs, but we have to do whatever we are able to do best.

    2) Bargnani.
    Andrea has a very good match-up with Shaq or Ilgauskas because he can stretch him out on the perimeter and none of them can defend his quickness to save their lives. It's a must that Bargnani stays hot during the series from the perimeter because he won't be driving much of the time and they're not going to come out to defend him. Offensively, let's also say Shaq gets tired defensively and Bargnani somehow gets determined to fight for the boards, lol wishful thinking...

    3) Hedo and his "ball".
    I'm sure when some people read the title of this point, they started shaking their heads. I agree, Hedo has performed very poorly during the regular season (hell Marcus Banks seems be more energetic than him), but let's be honest here, there is not one team that would love to have Hedo to run their offense during the playoff time. I know, he might not perform like he did last year, but the guy seems to step up to the occasion and play fairly well against good teams (Cavs, Lakers). All I'm saying is, there is enough determination and rivalry for Hedo to get energized.

    4) Regular season performance against the Cavs.
    First game, we won. I don't want to brag about it, but Cavs just will not be able to stroll past us without some sort of resistance. Second game at Cleveland, we lost by 8 after keeping it close for 90% of the game. Third game, we took it to the overtime without CB4. Obviously, we can't be lucky to have stayed in the game all three times against the best team in the league. It means that something they do that just doesn't seem to be working against us.

    Bosh can also do his magic if he doesn't get intimidated by the bigs since Cavs can't match Bosh's level at PF.

    A lot of things (I mean A LOT) need to go right for us to win the series against the Cavs. They do pose a better match up because they can't torch us with 3's like Magic can. Sure Mo-Will is a crazy shooter, but I don't' get surprised anymore if the opposing team PG (heck even backup PG) drops 30 points us (We all know why).

    I am not here to say that Raptors will beat the Cavs, but if they face them, I don't think that it will be a sweep, at least. I intended to write this post to give fans some excitement after some disappointing losses.

    Take it seriously or not, love to hear your criticism/"Cleveland is gonna crush us" comments...
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    I agree with you. I don't foresee a win because of the LeBron factor, but I would imagine it would be a good series.

    One comment though, I think you would end up seeing Shaq/Big Z guard Bosh. Not that it really makes a difference.
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      I am sorry, but I cannot see anything other than a 4-game sweep now.

      Cleveland is poised to roll over us, so they can have as much rest as possible for the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Cleveland has gears and levels to their offence and defence that the Raps cannot match.


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        I think the real reason Raptors have been playing badly is simply because lack of motivation and will. We've seen in some games such as the one against the Lakers and Cavs (OT) that when they do want to play, they can really hang in the game, even against elite teams. Raptors will have a great chance at redeeming themselves and forget about the season from the fresh start of playoffs. Also, they can play more freely since they won't have any type of high expectations.
        The ACC crows HAS to get involved in the game (like the season-opener)...
        I think the first game will set the tone for the series. If Cavs win it, Raptors collapse. If Raptors win it, they'll believe they can win the championship LOL
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