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Anyone Else Skeptical of Hedo's "Stomach Virus"?

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  • Anyone Else Skeptical of Hedo's "Stomach Virus"?

    Hmmmm .... unless this is something more, stomach viruses usually don't last anything more than 48 hours.

    And before anyone asks, yes I am a doctor .......... just look at my username.

    Hedo Turkoglu walked out of practice early again Saturday looking like he wanted to be anywhere but in a gym.

    That’s a game and a half, a shootaround and two practices now that Turkoglu has missed with what the team is describing as a stomach virus.

    “He just wasn’t healthy enough to continue on here,” head coach Jay Triano said.

    “It happened in the game (Wednesday when he didn’t return for the second half) and he couldn’t play Friday night and we weren’t going to get anything out of him in practice either, so rest and get healthy.”

    Triano said the team had doctors look at him Friday morning, but would not elaborate on the problem or the findings.

    “There’s a fine line between what you can say about a stomach virus without people flooding us and coming in and testing everyone who has been around him and associated with him,” Triano said.

    Triano was asked point blank if Turkoglu’s illness was legitimate.

    “Absolutely,” he said.

    So why does it feel like there’s more to this?
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    For what its worth, I came down with a stomach virus two Sundays ago and went on to miss a week of work and never totally recovered until ten days after initially getting sick. I never experienced anything like that in my life.


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      Media is getting feisty ... they want to pin somebody in a corner and beat the crap out of him.


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        Hahaha, don't they always want to do that. Maybe Colangelo should trade for the media old punching bag, TJ Ford? Maybe Calderon will play better when people are paying attention to his in adequateness? j/k


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          More like the rest of the team couldn't stomach Turk...


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            incredible. people questioning a man who is very ill. what is this world coming to?


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              Darien wrote: View Post
              More like the rest of the team couldn't stomach Turk...
              LOL!!! Rap of the Day right there. I'm sure his illness IS legitimate, but it definitely looks bad from the outside because of the way he shows no effort on defense and just looks lazy overall in general. I mean he's always got that lazy look, but he was producing last year and this year has been pretty much garbage - I still have hope he'll KILL it in the playoffs.


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                Maybe all that Pizza Pizza and Sprite is catching up to Turk.


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                  Apollo - me too - one week, of barely eating. Would get dizzy, felt like I had a fever...


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                    Yeah, I was dizzy too. I had to drive myself to the doctor, bosses orders. I felt guilty about it after because I probably shouldn't have been behind the wheel in that condition. I also had hot and cold flashes in the first couple days. Sleeping was difficult. Everything gave me heart burn, including nothing. It was horrible. If he has that then he's not going to be totally back to normal for a couple weeks. That's was no food and little sleep does. I went to the gym today for the first time since being sick. I couldn't get through all my sets and had to lower my weight on some things... Now, I did miss two weeks so that might happen even if I wasn't sick before and merely played hooky on the gym for a couple weeks.
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