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Would You Like to See Nocioni As a Raptor?

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    The actual interview was in spanish and i read it so I could understand exactly what was he saing without loosing parts in the traslation

    As a fellow Argentinean I've watched him play my whole life and I always loved his heart, passion and determination. He's not a talented player offensively but he'll do anything for his team, a true proffesional and in my opinion a natural winner. Being in Sacramento was a hard experience for him because as a thirty year old player and a very competitive player, he wants to win now, not in three years.

    I think he fits extreamly well in the system, he can play SF or PF and he doesn't need the ball in his hands, most of his points come from open looks, three pointers and assists, he's not the type of player that will create for his teammates or make every one around him better. But I think that if he recovers his touch from outside he could fit with Turk and Calderon (because of their ability to find open teammates)

    About his role, he said in the interview that he's not a starter in this league, and he knows it. I agree with him but he could easly get 20 minutes off the beanch for us as a back up 3 and maybe spend some minutes at the back up PF playing small ball.

    About his contract, It's frountloaded so his salary decreases every year, his last year is less than 6 mill I think. With Banks coming off the books next year and Nocioni demanding a trade I think we can have him for that expiring (if the salary matches) and maybe some future second round pick or one of the two second rounds of this year. His stock is the lowest of his career, it's a good oportunity for us.

    But expect more than a 8 ppg and 5 rpg is unrealistic maybe 10 ppg as much
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      Thank you for that Raul. Refreshing that a player is able to acknowledge that he is not a starter in the league any more. If he wants to win now then the Raptors are not a prime choice are they? btw, I happened to notice that he scored 21 pts. in his game it seems they gave him some time. All Argentinian players I am aware of who made the nba are glue & team players...Ginobili & Scola come to mind immediately and of course Delfino while taking his shot a bit much sometimes was pretty good as well.


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        I think I've made my view pretty clear on this guy in the other topic in the Trade Proposal forum:
        He's a stretch 4.

        We have Bargs, we don't need another.