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The Caliper Eval. System - Bosh & Bargs

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  • The Caliper Eval. System - Bosh & Bargs

    I came across this interesting piece (following up on a post) about the Caliper evaluation method which is used by many NBA teams as a further screen before picking in the draft and in trades. I had not heard of it before. Is anyone familiar with it? ...and of interest here ...that there was apparently advice given on Bosh & Bargs to the Raps. In Toronto, we were told by media that Chris Bosh’s test results raised a red flag, but the Raptors drafted him anyway. Can you comment on that?

    Dr. Greenberg: Chris Bosh was a guy who we grossly underestimated. We never said that he couldn’t do it; we didn’t see how good he could be through the test. He’s one of the very few who I would say we underestimated. In basketball, we underestimated Karl Malone. We didn’t say “don’t draft him,” but we didn’t say he was a “can’t miss.” We just sort of said, “If he’s got the talent, go ahead.” He and Mitch Richmond are the two that I can name that we didn’t see the superstar in them. We saw positive things, but on balance, we said, “It’s neutral. If you love him, go ahead.” It wasn’t like, “Stay away from him.”

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    They said Bargs would go down as one of the top 10 best centers in NBA history...
    One can hope =D