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2021-2022 Playoff Predictions

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    planetmars wrote: View Post
    Bulls have some sneaky good players. Patrick Williams will be a great role player (he's hurt right now). But he's got a little Barnes in his game.
    Pat Williams and Scottie Barnes are two completely different players. Their game is so different. The only similarities they have is they both came from FSU. If Williams reaches his potential he's going to be a major star.

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      golden wrote: View Post

      Patrick Williams is an intriguing 2-way player and does looks like a guy who could break out. Wasn't really paying attention to him until T-Rex started hyping him up, so I followed him in Summer League this year and he's got some Kawhi'esqe-ness to his game.
      I've been sayin it since last year that the closest thing to Kawhi is Pat Williams.

      I can tell that some here are not familiar with the Bulls. Their 2nd and 3rd best players last year were Thad Young and Coby freakin White. They would've easily made the playoffs last year if Zach didn't get Covid and missed 3 whatever weeks. Now they have Vucevic, DeRozan, Ball and sophomore Pat Williams.
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        Wow I'm really liking the optimism for the Raptors. I hope I'm wrong but here's my list:

        1. Milwaukee
        2. Brooklyn
        3. Miami
        4. Philadelphia
        5. Atlanta
        6. Chicago
        7. New York
        8. Charlotte
        9. Boston
        10. Toronto
        11. Indiana
        12. Cleveland
        13. Washington
        14. Orlando
        15. Detroit

        1. Utah
        2. Phoenix
        3. Golden State
        4. Lakers
        5. Denver
        6. Dallas
        7. Portland
        8. Minnesota
        9. Clippers
        10. Memphis
        11. New Orleans
        12. OKC
        13. San Antonio
        14. Houston
        15. Sacramento
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