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Who Exceeds Expectations 2021/2022?

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    golden wrote: View Post

    Exceeding expectations would be, by definition, a surprise. So no worries there.

    BTW. There were a few astute members on this forum who thought Wood was going to be a good player, as far back as 2016.
    I'm glad to have some vindication on this one. I wanted him in that draft and after he went undrafted; I wanted him at least on the 905.

    For the topic on hand; the Raptor I would most put my money on for exceeding expectation is maybe a toss up between Flynn and Yuta although I feel OG is probably the safest pick.
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      Jclaw wrote: View Post
      I guess the hype on Barnes has grown too large for him to exceed expectations?
      The only way he'll blow my expectations if he's FMVP in his first year
      Only one thing matters: We The Champs.


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        S.R. wrote: View Post

        Very much agreed. How about a collective exceed expectations - all three of Siakam, OG, and Fred get serious All-Star consideration. You don't get 3 guys in unless your team's at the top of the conference, so that's unlikely, but Siakam's been there already, Fred got some late chatter last season (Raptors slow start kept him out of serious consideration), and it would be a new tier for OG to reach but his name is gradually getting around the league. The league loves scoring, so OG needs to step up the ppg by 2-4, all three need to start well, the team needs to start well, then they get serious consideration and one should make it (if all that happens), maybe two. I'll put that in as 'exceeds expectations,' that's the most optimistic outcome for those three guys to kick off the year.
        This is a good reason to be optimistic about this season. We have 3 guys that should be All Star level this year. 2 way players who can drop 20 points any given night. I just don't see us being bad with this much talent.


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          Blue Jays will exceed expectations.


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            I had zero expectations for Dragic playing much for the Raps this season, but it's starting to sound like he might be on board. As good of a steady vet presence to fill the void which Lowry left behind. Even if he wants an eventual trade he should be motivated to play well for the Raps so he can showcase to other teams.


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              I think Flynn is going to be a revelation. He looked terrific in Summer League--aggressive and confident. He was building a nice chemistry with Precious over the course of a few games and his ability in the P-n-R is going to be a highlight this year. He also has that killer instinct in the 4th quarter and heats up when it matters most. He's ready and knows this is his time. Plus, he will singlehandedly end the Barnes vs. Suggs debate.