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    Nilanka wrote: View Post
    Troll messages are being deleted before my eyes. I'm so confused....
    Apparently some people can't appreciate sarcasm


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      Not Affiliated With Raptors Republic wrote: View Post
      Apparently some people can't appreciate sarcasm
      You're really good at it!


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        Lol what the hell happened to this thread?! Haha

        Anyways once again...

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          I appreciate what these guys do on the administrative side of things and the contributions made by the posters. But, can we calm down on these types of threads? I mean it seems like there is one every month at least. It's just kind of silly, in my opinion.

          If we didn't appreciate what everyone does here we wouldn't be members or check the site and I think the guys on the admin side of things know they are doing a good job by the traffic of the site and the members know they are making good contributions by the amount of replies. It all works like a system and I feel like maybe these threads can mess with that system.
          If Your Uncle Jack Helped You Off An Elephant, Would You Help Your Uncle Jack Off An Elephant?

          Sometimes, I like to buy a book on CD and listen to it, while reading music.


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            I don't know I'm doing a good job and need compliments to boost my ego. My wife blocked me out years ago.

            All jokes aside, by contributing here we the staff know we're hopefully doing something right because you guys come back day in and day out. No matter if you're here, the RealGM, RaptorsForum, etc., you'll always butt heads with one another. The difference here is most of us don't take ourselves too serious like myself. I stopped taking message boards personal years ago. Maybe that's a reason why I'm as passive as I am now and let things get a little too carried away from time to time here on the boards.

            Anyhow, its your playground guys and gals. Just try not to shit where you play if you catch my drift.