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Is Hedo Quickly Replacing Vince On the Most Hated Raptor List?

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  • Is Hedo Quickly Replacing Vince On the Most Hated Raptor List?

    Hmmm .... reading here, the RR Blog, RF and the RealGM, has Hedo officially become the most hated Raptors in franchise history?

    I mean, I'm not his biggest fan, but most of my comments are playful jabs at his fanboys. I do think that there's potential there, but not entirely sure if he's the problem or the team is the problem which seems to be amplfying & exaggerating everything right now.

    Anyhow, right now that's neither here nor there given the team's current status, but what I have noticed the how badly Hedo is now disliked in Toronto and am wondering if its safe to assume that he's nearing "Vince Carter" hatred status?

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    I don't think so. I would place him at "Lamond Murray" on the hate scale. Hedo hasn't demanded a trade, given away plays late in games to the opposing team, blatantly tanked games and over embellished injuries. Hedo is simply a dude with a big contract, who doesn't give a damn about his team. cocky, thinks he's great and nothing is his fault. That's in Lamond Murray territory. If it keeps up or gets worse he will no doubt move up the hate meter.


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      I don't think we can truly assess how Hedo compares to Vince on "the hate scale" until he finishes his tenure with the Raps. Then, and only then, can we really see how much Toronto truly hates Hedo. If the boos come down for years after he has departed, then we can say that Hedo is on Vince level or not.


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        We just hate Hedo because he's another overpaid arrogant douchebag athlete.
        Just wait and see if he asked to be traded.


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          I wasn't a Raptor fan when Carter left, so I can't compare there.

          But I can say that my hatred for Hedo can not be expressed in words.

          He is the most hated Raptor of the last 4/5 years, that's for sure. Far more than Kapono or TJ Ford, and I hated both of those guys, as well.

          Maybe hated is a strong word. I'm more DISAPPOINTED than anything.

          Don't hate me because I'm an optimist.


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            I hate him more than Vince, It's the guys 1st season with the team and he is like this already and it will only get worse, at least Vince did give them a few good years.


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              Vince was up on stage dancing at a concert when he was supposed to be off hurt. Just an interesting parallel I wanted to make.


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                It's easy to see how it's comparable, but definitely nothing close to Vince's legendary status yet.