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We're not there yet; what do we need?

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  • We're not there yet; what do we need?

    Okay, the Chicago game clearly showed that we're not a top tier team in the East yet (let alone the league as a whole) and are solidly second-tier. Talented enough to beat scrubbier teams without trying hard, capable of beating second tier contenders, but simply not consistent enough to beat a true top-tier contender (and Chicago with a 90% healthy Rose is top tier).

    So what do we need to reach the next level?

    - More internal development?
    - A trade for another player? (Al Horford? Jeff Green?)
    - Do you blame Casey?

    Etc. What's your solution?

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    1) Someone who can defend a skilled post player. Gasol....Joe Johnson

    2) Someone to hold DeMar accountable.
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      Better post defender and better bigs in general

      DeRozan stop playing like complete shit

      Jonas getting more minutes to develop, we aren't winning shit all if Jonas doesnt become a solid player

      Just stop playing Vasquez

      No more Hans&2PAT PF-C combo, they're to small and soft as a babies bottom
      "Both teams played hard my man" - Sheed


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        Yeah probably more internal development. This is not the year. Address the needs in a draft and free agency. We need Inside presence. Al Horford gets thrown around. We're not getting Al Horford. Jeff Green would be a disaster. Dude disappears.

        DD for Hayward trade? Don't know how locker room would react. Utah probably likes him too.
        Only one thing matters: We The Champs.


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          Al Horford.

          That is all.


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            we loose a game then it's all over. relax guys. please.


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              Maybe trade Ross + pick for Joe Johnson?
              Only one thing matters: We The Champs.


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                It's one game. No big picture conclusions to be drawn.

                That said, there are several long term patterns that would also conclude that we are not there yet.


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                  Al Horford is the exact type of player we need. He's not going anywhere though.
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                    We need defensive rebounding. We need to address that somehow
                    Only one thing matters: We The Champs.


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                      TRex wrote: View Post
                      Al Horford is the exact type of player we need. He's not going anywhere though.
                      I agree he's what we need...Have no clue if he'll be on the move, either in a trade or in 2 years as an UFA.

                      I mean...Atlanta is a stupidly cheap organization. They traded 2 good pieces to us for Salmons just to save money.

                      *Either way, in 2 years he should probably be the most realistic big-name target for us to go after. Atlanta may not want to pay up. We can offer a good situation...and for a guy who's had weird muscle tears in his pecs, joining a team that spends money on a top notch sports science/medical staff could be a nice little perk.
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                        Bosh could be awesome on this team
                        Only one thing matters: We The Champs.


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                          MixxAOR wrote: View Post
                          Bosh could be awesome on this team
                          Actually, the dream addition, which is probably the most unlikely, is Serge Ibaka. A PF with shooting ability, who doesn't really need the ball (he's not that great with it anyway) to score, and who can be a terror on D. But getting him might be even more unlikely than landing KD in a couple of years.


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                            Millsap might have to be the answer, combined with maybe BeBe becoming a reliable rim protector off the bench. Millsap is a terrific rebounder, and can space the floor, and is a solid if not spectacular defender. JV will have to grow into a rim protection role (he's made strides, but will need to continue to improve).

                            The really big difference makers are mostly locked in, meaning you have to get them via trade, and difference makers are rarely traded. So free agency might be the only shot, and Millsap is right there this summer.


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                              Well, Zach Lowe has reported that Atlanta did go to one or two teams with Horford offers last trade deadline.

                              I can't see them trading him now though, the East is too weak and you have to think Atlanta has a chance at a 5 or 6 seed. Some days I think they might be the best team in their division.
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