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What should the Raptors do? (Stay the course or make a change)

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    Stay the course this year, for all the reasons stated above.

    This roster has been performing better and better each of the past four seasons. I'm really curious to see what they're capable of this year. But aside from that all the salient points have been mentioned - the Raps will have cap space in the coming offseasons and some nice FA targets will be available. That's good way to take the next step without sacrificing core pieces or picks (aside from eventually not being able to afford re-signing everybody).

    Of course Ujiri may whiff the next couple of offseasons and be forced to make a trade. The Mavs have done this, but it looks like they've done an alright job of recovering from all those FA's turning them down.

    This season will still be a success if they win close to 50 games and make the second round. They don't need to be contenders yet - so much of the roster is still young and needs to develop more. It's just too bad they aren't quite there yet, beause the East looks as shaky as it's ever gonna be. We'll see how the season pans out for Cleveland and Chicago.
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      Mediumcore wrote: View Post
      I voted to make a change now. I'm happy with winning seasons, but there is nothing about the composition of this team or the talent on it which make me think they will be a title contender without a serious upgrade in talent. Not now or in the near future. I'm not talking something realistic like a David West type signing which may happen if we continue to make the franchise look more attractive to free agents. I'm referring to super start talent. Thosre are players you have to go out and get, and not hope they fall in your lap.
      Really? Superstars basically always fall into lap. There's little you can do to "go out and get" one.

      Draft and free agency is all about guys falling into your lap.

      Trading is more about aggressive management, but still depends a fair amount on luck. Even without no-trade clauses, superstars basically dictate where they go by saying whether they'll extend/re-sign long-term. And there's more risk with trades since you're subtracting pieces from your roster as well.


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        Uncle_Si wrote: View Post
        Wait and see. Unless a deal comes up that blows Masai's mind I say we wait and see. Lots of money coming off the books, still a 'growing' stage. Look to make a signing or be one piece away next summer going into the year we host the all-star game. This year is about building momentum and becoming an attractive place to play.
        Amazing how a 9-2 start to the season can speed along the mental mindset. We entered the season hoping to see growth in our young players (not so much as of yet), and growth in team success (weak points need to be ironed out, but can't argue with too much with the wins).

        Toronto is not yet a contender, but they appear to be slowly getting closer. The youth and financial flexibility are aimed at opening the window in the next two years, not immediately.

        I have no doubt that Ujiri will still be working the phones though in hopes of exploiting a golden opportunity like he did with Bargnani and Salmons.


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          white men can't jump wrote: View Post
          It's pointless to go after Millsap or Monroe in season, since they'll be UFAs this summer.
          Here's why I think it's worth considering going after these guys via trade: assuming that the current projections hold that there will not be a smoothing effect to the cap this summer (2015), and instead there's a big jump next summer (2016), every major free agent is going to be aiming for a one-year contract in 2015, so they can get a big payday in 2016. So what's the danger in signing Millsap or Monroe to a one-year deal this summer? Well, because then we won't have bird rights to these guys in 2016, and we could end up in a situation where we cannot keep all of our core guys.
          If, on the other hand, we trade for either of these guys during the season, give them the one-year contract they're probably going to be looking for, we'll retain bird rights for them during the 2016 free agency summer (Because each of them will not have changed teams via free agency for three years). And that will be important given the sort of money that's going to be flying around.

          But all of that depends on the cost for them. I just think that it's a rare situation where in-season trades might make more sense than free agency signings.

          edit: should point out: if we trade for Millsap, we won't have his bird rights for this summer, but if we trade for him and resign him for one year, we'll have bird rights the next summer. This summer shouldn't be a problem, it's 2016 summer that bird rights will matter, when we've got DeRozan's player option year, plus RFA years for Ross and Valanciunas.
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            No point making changes this season, we should re-evaluate after season end.


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              planetmars wrote: View Post
              Most deals seem to happen in the summer now a days. You might see the odd trade happen by the deadline, but it's usually quiet.

              There are question marks on the team.. GV has been awful. The rebounding has been bad. We have expiring contracts that probably won't be here next year and will need to figure out who's going to replace those bodies, etc.

              So I can see MU using the phone to see what's out there, but I don't think a trade should be made just for the sake of making one. That's how BC operated, and in the end we always had a bad/mediocre team.

              Expiring contracts don't really have as much value as they used to considering the cap is going up, and most contracts are 3-4 years long. There are no really bad contracts, and even if there was I wouldn't want the Raptors to own that contract. The team isn't really a contender (and if they made it to the 3rd/4th rounds that would be insane), but they are not a veteran laden team that has to win now.

              I voted 'stay the course'.. if MU makes a move I'll be intrigued by it, but I personally won't be using the trade machine as often as I used to in previous seasons.
              Long gone are the days of 7 year contracts

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                mcHAPPY wrote: View Post
                Long gone are the days of 7 year contracts

                Imagine having 4 more years of fields
                Tell me 6 MILLION reasons why we shouldn't have Fields on the team. Bet you can't.


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                  I'm in favour of making a move, and here's why:

                  This year may be our best chance to get past Cleveland and into the Finals.

                  I think once that team starts clicking, and some of the young players gain some maturity, they may be unstoppable. Plus, you have a ton of expiring contracts you can use to get something for almost no impact on this year's team.

                  But don't trade that Knick draft pick!
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                    I've long been a proponent of using cap space this summer.

                    But I've started to think that making a move at the deadline is the way to go. Reasoning being that Amir and Lou are starting to look like important pieces - so if you can manufacture a situation where you bring in the same calibre of talent you'd be able to target in free agency, but keep the ability to retain those two, and assuming the assets going out are not excessive (ideally the highest value asset being Ross if you are upgrading the 3), why not.

                    That said, there is certainly no rush. If it comes down to next summer and we even choose simply to retain our free agents and add a MLE player, that still leaves a lot of flexibility for 2016 if you want to make a trade or sign-and-trade at that point.


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                      Tobias Harris would be interesting.

                      Can play 3 or 4

                      Only 22 - not 23 until July

                      Long term bruno-Harris-JV would be interesting front court


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                        Stay the course.

                        Unless someone makes us a serious offer for DD. Then we talk


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                          One weakness on Raptors team is Rebounds and Interior defensive toughness.
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                            If you are winning you stay the course, if you introduce a high impact player to the starting lineup right now that could change the whole chemistry issue up to this point and you may start losing as a result.

                            I think a decision should be really made at the trade deadline, you will be able to gauge your team needs better when they face more playoff bound teams that would test their weaknesses.


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                              It's too early to determine as to what changes should be made. Thanks to a favorable schedule, things have been good so far. I don't expect it to stay that way throughout the season. In about 4 to 5 weeks MU should be able to have a clear idea on the requirements. Small or big, I expect changes.
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                                I think Raps should stay the course this year. I read someone saying the raps should be concerned with the quality of moves rather than the timing, and I agree. I dont think we should be rushing into anything that isn't beneficial in the long term. We don't HAVE to make a move. I think next year is when our 'window' cracks open for the first time.
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