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Raptors depth illustrated with stats

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  • Raptors depth illustrated with stats

    One stat that tracks players contributions is Wins Produced*. Here is the chart for the Raptors so far this season.

    Two things stand out:

    1. We have a true superstar, who is personally responsible for 3 of our 11 wins. Kyle Lowry ranks #5 in the NBA for total WP (biased up since, e.g., he plays lots of minutes).

    2. In our top 10 players, 8 have each contributed at least 1 of our 11 wins (and Tyler is close at 0.6 wins, only Greivis is close to zero). For comparison, in other top teams, to get players who have contributed at least 1 win:
    - Chicago - 5 deep
    - Washington - 5 deep
    - Cleveland - 6 deep (and a bunch of zeros after that)
    - Memphis - 5 deep
    - San Antonio - 6 deep
    - Golden State - 5 deep (and 2 other strong)

    Our depth is pretty remarkable!

    *Roughly speaking, you add up all the little things that contribute to a win (rebounds, assists, steals, points) and subtract the things that work against you (missed shots, fouls, turnovers, etc).

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    Depth has been touted as a strength since BEFORE Williams and JJ were signed. Now it is probably top 5 in the league. Both Lou and JJ seem to be settling in. Their games have improved since the start of the season as they learn the systems and get comfortable with the other players, and the other players get comfortable with them. No reason to expect a huge drop off.