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  • Don't Blame Evans

    The Roll Call after the game in Charlotte had me thinking.

    I am 90% sure Reggie does NOT want the ball in his hands on offense.

    When does he get it in the post? With 10 seconds or so left on the shot clock?

    To the Raptors credit, this is the guys trying to get a decent possession by getting the ball close to the rim in situations where the offensive set does not start well. They waste time around the perimeter swinging the ball without effect at times, and as a bail-out, they throw it in to Reggie in the post.

    Reggie knows his role is to get rebounds, box out, defend, and hustle.

    This is just poor execution on offense, and bad coaching, if Jay Triano did indeed suggest giving Evans touches on offense.

    Don't hate me because I'm an optimist.

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    Agree, Reggie usually gets it deep down low and tries to get a decent shot off or draw a foul. I wouldn't want to see him pass it back out from that deep.


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      Reggie shouldn't be taking any more than a couple shots a game at the most. Ideally I'd like to see him kick it out 99 times out of 100. At the end of the day though Reggie's couple pathetic attempts at a layup or dunk have little impact on a team ranked near the top in offense. The other side of the court is what needs to be drastically changed.


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        Blame Triano for playing Evans in the first place.

        Give those minutes to Amir Johnson ... please!


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          Come on now. The coach has to play the boss' $4.5M "redemption" for Jason Kapono.


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            don't blame reggie, don't blame triano, blame hedo.
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              Unless Reggie is by himself nearby basket, I would like Reggie to pass the ball. Regardless when or how the ball gets to him, he is looking to bully his way for a layup. Learn to read the defense and go for layup only if the path is relatively clear otherwise find better finishers on floor.