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  • Colangelo Has Missed the Boat

    Sources say the chances of landing top choice, Jeff Van Gundy, are improved with Thorn staying on the job. Van Gundy hadn’t planned to return to coaching next season, but the Nets believe he’ll be willing to listen to a pitch.
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    Colangelo is going to lose his job within the next year unless his coach can turn things around OR he can provide his coach with a strong roster, willing to learn and listen. My question is why can't Colangelo bite the bullet and go out and try to hit a home run with a guy like JVG? I know, I know, he wants the coach in his pocket so that things are run in a system that he envisions as great. Well guess what? As talented as Phoenix was, they didn't accomplish jack in the playoffs and the Raptors have been mediocre for most of Colangelo's reign... And its not like he hasn't has prime opportunities to take leaps forward with this club. An issue for the Raptors has always been coaching. Each coach has had at least one major flaw. The best they ever had was Butch Carter but even he had a gigantic flaw as he showed that he couldn't handle the "inter office politics" that comes with any white collar job. The man couldn't define diplomacy... I am sick and tired of seeing players not hustle and not being held accountable. I absolutely dread the camera changing to the Raptors bench when they're about to lose because I hate seeing people who don't care. All the fans want is a team that works hard, plays together and takes accountability for their actions on the court. Is that too much to ask for?

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    If the core of the group stays incl. Bosh I think its time to get a coach who can teach effective defense. Apart from JVG there is Avery Johnson and Lawrence Frank available. As the stats show the Raps can score. Time to tweak the roster with a defensive acquisition and a bit of a hardass as coach. The coach's salary is not part of the cap so it's "only" money.


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      Having Avery Johnson is like having Sam Mitchell. You're going to run into the same problems. Lawrence Frank would be an upgrade no doubt. I would rather see them go with a proven, high experienced coach. A guy like JVG or Rudy Tomjanovich...


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        Give me the little general. For all his flaws he gets his team to play hard for at three years before the eventual tune out.


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          JVG would be so awesome in TO. I can't see Toronto being his top choice, however. Unless he really wanted to avoid the U.S. media, but since he is currently part of that clan he might welcome the attention. Just can't see him wanting to be part of the "other" team in the NBA.


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            I think wherever he lands eventually will come down to power and money and little else.


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              Experienced coaches, generally speaking, care a great deal about the talent level of any prospective new squad. They will not join a team they cannot be successful with because one bad job can end a career.

              Jeff Van Gundy will only join a team that gives him that opportunity. The offers and the money will be consistently there for a few years. Those offers allow him to be picky in choosing his team.

              Most first time coaches, like Jay Triano, don't care about talent levels because it might be the only job offer they ever get offered. They aren't in a position to be picky.
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                I have always wanted Jeff Van Gundy to coach the Raptors
                If BC doesnt at least make him an offer ill be extremly dissapointed


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                  Ok boys, might as well get JVG out of your system since he aint coming here. the nets would be dumb not to sign him, and he would be dumb not to sign with them. with a billionaire owner, a possible new arena and a shot at a top FA plus the #1 draft pick and a young and athletic core, JVG would be perfect for this job. he will make the nets a contender next year, no doubt.

                  id settle with byron scott, the guy's got grit, character and the players back at NO absolutely loved him. i think he's a no nonsense type of coach, he discplines players and doesnt do it through the media. he also doesnt concern himself with the management aspect of the team so he'll get along with any GM. he would be the perfect coach for jack, weems, bosh, amir, evans, wright and would definitely put bargs and hedo in their places. he'd also be a good mentor for calderon, defense wise.

                  If i was BC, id probably still find ways to trade CB, Turk and Calderon