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Elite Sports Tours out West?

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  • Elite Sports Tours out West?

    Hey guys, first time poster, long time RRer.

    I was just wondering if the same people who organized the Raptors fans takeover at the Q - Elite Sports Tour - have a base in BC? Because how awesome would it be if Raptors fans from out West took over the Moda Centre for Raptors @ Blazers or at Sleep Train Arena for Raptors @ Kings? Or even, daresay, Raptors fans take over the Staples Centre or the Oracle.

    Might be a pipe dream, but would be something.

    Also, for those interested, Elite Sports Tours Toronto is doing it again for the Raptors vs Pistons at the Palace on Dec. 19th. Come cheer for our boys at Detroit! (But not too much because, well, we know how the Palace gets down)

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    Welcome to RR, Landry...

    I was all but set to go on the Cleveland trip, but when all was said and done I would have spent over $500 to spend one night in that "Hell" of a town!! I might think about about Chicago trip or New York, but not Cleveland or Detroit. Just my two pennies...
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      200+ Raptors fans at the United Centre might cause a riot, but I'm all for that.