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  • ESPN 1st month review


    Lots of Raptors love!

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    I mean everywhere you look there's some feel good Raptors related news on just about every NBA related website. This should finally put to bed, once and for all, the "nobody ever writes nice things about us", insecurity complex that some fans still have. The reason is/was clear - people don't say nice things about teams that suck. Period.

    And whenever these media outlets need some guaranteed clicks to pump up ad revenue, they can always write something negative about the Raps, because Toronto fans always respond with outrage, like Pavlov's dog. (see: Moore, Matt. Simmons, Bill.)

    Actually, I'd prefer the media to continue to diss the Raps, because our players seem to really feed on that lack of respect.


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      I'll repeat what I have said a million times....winning solves a lot of problems
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        Only website that still doesn't fully respect us is BR, but who cares about them???
        Axel wrote:
        Now Cody can stop posting about this guy and we have a poster to blame if anything goes wrong!!
        KeonClark wrote:
        We won't hear back from him. He dissapears into thin air and reappears when you least expect it. Ten is an enigma. Ten is a legend. Ten for the motherfucking win.
        KeonClark wrote:
        I can't wait until the playoffs start.

        Until then, opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one and they most often stink


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          Grantland also has a short piece on the Raptors:

          The Raptors Have That Look


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            more than ever our players need to stay grounded...they might start buying their own hype
            For still frame photograph of me reading the DeRozan thread please refer to my avatar


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              lol Marc Stein picking Kidd as the best coach.


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                Some of them said Casey is the best coach in the league.

                I'm back. I no longer worship joe johnson


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                  Best Team:
                  Kevin Arnovitz wrote:
                  Toronto. When you look at the composition of the Raps' roster, it doesn't look like an elite squad. But right now there isn't a team in the league better at controlling possessions on both sides of the ball. The Raptors don't make bad decisions, and they know how to find good looks for their best guys. This might not be luxury German machinery, but it looks like it can go 300,000 miles without a hitch.
                  Best Coach:
                  Arnovitz wrote:
                  Dwane Casey. He doesn't have a collection of perfect pieces. Apart from Lou Williams, Toronto basically has the same roster it did when it unloaded Rudy Gay last December. But in the year since the trade, Casey has constructed an offense and a defense that takes into account the limitations of his players, maximizes what they do well and minimizes what they don't. This is as professional an environment as exists in the Eastern Conference.
                  Wallace wrote:
                  Dwane Casey. Keep overlooking and underappreciating the Toronto Raptors at your own risk. It's a reckless approach to basketball. Casey should have gotten more recognition for the job he did last season in leading the Raptors back to the playoffs. Now, they're sitting comfortably atop the East standings with a balanced attack and a team full of players who know and accept their roles.
                  Best Storyline:
                  Stein wrote:
                  That it didn't take long for several soap operas to suck us in. Cleveland's struggles. Philadelphia's futility. Derrick Rose's ongoing health woes. Oklahoma City's deep hole in the standings without the injured KD and Russ. You could throw the surreal state of Kobe's Lakers in there to make it five absorbing situations stealing the spotlight from teams off to the best starts in their history like Memphis and Toronto.