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  • Love from!!!

    Of the six stories featured with a picture on main page, two of them are about the Raps!!!

    Just in case the change them, here's the links to the individual articles.

    Kyle Lowry - MVP candidate?

    Under Control


    The Future

    Nice to get some love!

    I'm browsing from Africa (but using HOLA to browse via USA get, otherwise it redirects to their African partner), so I don't think it's a function of being Canadian/Raps fan.
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    Wow, great article about Bruno!!!!!


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      chico wrote: View Post
      Wow, great article about Bruno!!!!!
      I agree, makes me want to root for his success even more now.

      OG is our king


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        That article about Bruno is fantastic. I love how in depth they went
        "Both teams played hard my man" - Sheed


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          Wow. Great article on Caboclo. So much more than what has become the usual synopsis. Many years from now, I think Bruno's story is going to be the one that is told each time the Raps come to a new town. By that time it will be that he grew up in a hut without electricity and he scored 51 in that first Bucks game


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