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  • Best Players Available Via S&T?

    Below are the likely suitors in a team by team breakdown and the possible players who could be involved in a S&T from those teams... Bosh recently came out and said that he will be looking for a team that gives him a good chance at winning and so a couple teams below have not come up in rumors in the past but would make sense to be in the hunt for him on some level, whether it be simple inquiries or heated bidding. Some expiring contract(2011) players were included merely because it could facilitate the Raptors ridding themselves of a long term crippling contract such as Hedo Turkoglu. It is possible the Colangelo would look to add the best player possible or use a S&T to leverage a team to take a guy like Hedo:

    - LaMarcus Aldridge
    - Greg Oden
    - Rudy Fernandez
    - Joel Przybilla(expiring contract)
    - Nicolas Batum

    - Joakim Noah
    - Luol Deng
    - Kirk Hinrich
    - Taj Gibson
    - James Johnson

    - Michael Beasley
    - Mario Chalmers

    - Carlos Boozer(S&T)
    - Andrei Kirilenko(expiring contract)
    - Paul Millsap
    - Mehmet Okur(expiring contract)

    - David Lee
    - Eddy Curry(expiring contract)
    - Wilson Chandler
    - Danilo Gallinari
    - Toney Douglas

    - Andrew Bynum

    - Caron Butler
    - Brendan Haywood
    - Jason Terry
    - Erick Dampier(expiring contract)
    - Jose Juan Barea

    - Nene
    - K-Mart(expiring contract)
    - JR Smith
    - Ty Lawson
    - Chris Andersen

    - Yao Ming
    - Kevin Martin
    - Trevor Ariza
    - Shane Battier
    - Luis Scola
    - Jordan Hill

    - Manu Ginobili(S&T)
    - George Hill
    - Richard Jefferson
    - DeJuan Blair

    - Russell Westbrook
    - Jeff Green
    - James Harden
    - Eric Maynor
    - Nick Collison(expiring contract)
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    Nice job Apollo.

    Denver looks pretty tempting for me. I'd love to acquire Nene and JR Smith some way, some how. Smith could be that offensive juggernaut we've been desperate for at the SG spot and I love the interior presence of Nene both offensively and defensively. This in turn would allow Bargnani a little more flexibilty at the PF spot.


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      Well, it would come down to how much the Nuggets would value Chris Bosh. Melo and Bosh would be an excellent duo. Landing Bosh would help secure Melo, who is coming up on a contract year in 2011.


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        Joakim Noah

        If BC is serious about improving the Raptors for the future the best, and absolute best, possible scenario in my mind is a S&T to Chicago Bulls for Joakim Noah+ James Johnson + Draft pick.

        Whatever the deal is Noah HAS to be included becuase he would be the absolute best complement to Bargnani. Imagine a 7 foot DEFENSIVE juggernaut Center who is young atheltic, strong, on of the NBA leaders in OFF Reb., one of the best young shotblockers and imagine that paired up with another 7 foot OFFENSIVE juggernaut in Bargnani who has all the offensive moves and tools to be a 25 point scorer in the NBA at some point. One more thing: Noah is salary controllable for a couple more years.

        Somebody give me a reason why this would not be the best deal.There could not be a better pairing.

        Oh and all those people who have posted some ridiculous S&T. Denever...???? JR Smith AND Nene. Are you serious. You really think Denver is that stupid. The Nuggets consider Nene just a slight notch under Bosh.

        And the Thunder will never part with Westbrook or Harden, espeically Westbrook (although if he ever was actually available I would but him right at No.2 on the wish list behind Noah)


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          If you think Denver isn't parting with Nene, why would the bulls part with Noah? They're very high on Noah and the reason they're looking for an offensive post-threat is because they can pair him with Noah.

          Anyway, from the entire list no one really stands out as really improving the Raptors. But, if we're trading Bosh, everyone seems to be in the right mindset: we need a defensive-minded, rebounding centre on the way back.


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            What about Haywood+Butler? Haywood is legit defending/rebounding big and butler give our wing some more pop


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              f91ultra wrote: View Post
              What about Haywood+Butler? Haywood is legit defending/rebounding big and butler give our wing some more pop
              Umm ... what do we do with Hedo then? I mean, I guess Butler could start at the SG spot but I think he's better suited for SF myself. JMO


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                Doc Naismith wrote: View Post
                Umm ... what do we do with Hedo then? I mean, I guess Butler could start at the SG spot but I think he's better suited for SF myself. JMO
                Hedo is doing pretty well (well, small sample size) coming off the bench right now. I know 10 mil is a lot for a 6th man, but i like a starting lineup of calderon/derozan/butler/barg/haywood, bench is hedo/weems/jack/amir (hopefully). Then again derozan and weems is like a wash/can swap their places


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                  My Expectations On Offers

                  Chicago -- I don't the Bulls will be willing to part with Joakim Noah. They'll try to keep Deng off the table too but ultimately I suspect they'll be willing to sacrifice him in order to get Bosh.

                  Oklahoma -- The Thunder won't be willing to include Westbrook in any sign and trade but Jeff Green will be readily available. The question is how much more do they offer beyond that and that is hard to get an accurate judgment on.

                  Lakers -- the Lakers will not pursue Bosh and will not offer Bynum. They should but they won't.

                  Rockets -- Houston will inquire but have very little to offer. It'll be a Brooks, Ariza or Battier + Scola type trade package. Martin, Yao and one of Ariza/Battier will be kept off the table.

                  Miami -- Beasley and change

                  New York -- David Lee and change. Might get Wilson Chandler included but Donnie Walsh will be reluctant to do that. Might need a LeBron like figure in the background for Donnie to see value in giving up both Lee + Chandler for Bosh at $20 million per year. Gallinari won't be on the table. It'll likely be only David Lee and spare change (not much on the roster once you get past Gallo + Chandler which limits other add-ons)

                  Portland -- I don't think they'll pursue Bosh. If they do, they will not part with Greg Oden. They will also be the single most difficult team to negotiate with because Pritchard overrates his own players so getting him to include multiple talented players will be extremely difficult. Likely impossible. Anyway, I don't think they'll pursue Bosh.

                  Denver -- I don't think they'll pursue Bosh or any other FA with a big price tag. If Colangelo called them and said he'd accept Nene + JR Smith for Bosh, Denver would immediately get interested and do everything possible to make that happen.

                  Utah -- the Jazz will not pursue any high priced FA. They have enough financial issues already. Also, they'll be too busy trying to get their own house in order to make a move on new players ... just like they were last season.

                  LA Clippers -- The Clips might make a run at Bosh. They won't want to give up anything but may be willing to sacrifice Kaman. They'd rather make a max contract signing and add it to their current core (Kaman/Griffin/Gordon/Baron) than to sacrifice one of their best players in order to bring in that max contract player.

                  Sacramento, Golden State and New Jersey will also have some interest in Bosh but he will likely have none in them as currently constituted. Something will ever to change between now and then to make that happen.
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                    is everyone set on bargnani being the no.1 guy on offense when bosh leaves? i somehow hoped that should bosh leave, we go back to rebuilding mode and change most of our players, since the players we got right now were meant to complement him. granted it would be extremely difficult given their horrible contracts, but trying to simply replace bosh would be futile. if you think getting a defensive stopper shotblocker would be fine, remember that we're losing 24 points a game and a proven go to scorer who can create his own shot. i don't think anyone on the team right now is capable of taking on the load.


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                      very good list, great job
                      I have always thought teh Blazers would be a good deal
                      Rockets seem to have a few nice pieces
                      i thought about trading Bosh to Jazz in the season..
                      And everyone knows the NewYork offer


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                        I would love to see Atlanta make a run at Chris Bosh. The offer would be something like Josh Smith or Al Horford + Jamal Crawford.

                        Make a Chris Bosh + Joe Johnson + Smith/Horford trio while retaining a good supporting cast around them. I'd love to see that mix of talent play together. It would be a lot of fun to watch them play.

                        I don't think Atlanta will go after Bosh though.


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                          Prehaps not right now. But the loading the Raps with scorers galore has them barely scarrping for a playoff spot. Look at Milwuakee. they lost their only real proven scorer in Redd and went on an absolute tear becuase they became a more balanced team with Salmons.

                          All im saying is if Bosh leaves and we get back a Defensive minded centerin return..we may lose 24 points..but prehaps gain back 10 points from the center..and additonal 5 points from Derozan next additonal 2 or 3 points from Bargnani..and prehaps 2 points more from Turk and a point more for Jack. thats 21 basically everyone else will have more scoring oppertunities its not like we will lose 24 points complelty.

                          And dont forget the net difference an actual defensive minded center would give us


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                            Your right the Bulls are high on Noah..but not as high as the Nuggets are with Nene. The reason..Nene is an excellent offenive center with well above average defensive skills. Noah is a very good defensive center but raw and unpolished offensive skills. So its possible Chicago could be willing to sacrifice Noah to pair Bosh with Rose. But Noah's unpolished and raw offensive game would be a perfect fit on a offensiveive minded Raptors squad..mabey Raps have to take back Hinrich I'm not sure.


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                              But what about the points that come off Bosh's double teams and kick outs and trips to the line? He creates match up problems for the opposition and to be able to compete without him, everyone would have to be clicking as no one is capable of lifting up a team when the others aren't knocking down their shots.

                              All I'm saying is, the Raps don't have a good enough offensive system to be able to survive not having a guy who can create his own shot when he needs to. And if Bosh leaves, that's one more thing we need to consider getting back, not just a defensive big. I'm not convinced that our current players can step up their game further than what they have shown already. 'Cept maybe Turk.