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Kyle Lowry and the Raps' come from behind offence

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    So, I thought I'd revisit this a month later with a larger sample.

    Here are the current results for a run of players with more than 10 FGA a game, plus a selection of ballhandling guards who don't quite fit that criteria:

    To recap, the Situational Shooting Mentality is a measure of how more likely a player is to take a true shooting attempt attempt while trailing relative to his overall shooting rates. Here it is presented corrected for the league average tendency to shoot quite a bit more often while trailing. In English, a higher number shows a player who looks for his own shot while trailing. For example, you can see that Kyle Lowry (the inspiration for this whole thing) still looks for his own shot when trailing much more often than he does while leading. John Wall, meanwhile, shoots much less often in comeback situations.

    The Situational Passing Mentality is the same measure, except looking at assists instead of true shooting attempts. A higher number shows a player who is more likely to look to pass when trailing. You can see that J. Wall looks to pass when trailing while K. Bryant (lol), is much (much, much) less likely to pass in that situation.

    I've done the same thing with the team numbers:

    The SSM doesn't say much, since the overall variance there is pretty narrow. For passing, the range is wider and it's more interesting. There you can see that Toronto is a team that records fewer assists in comeback situations.

    / Whaddaya think?

    UPDATE: I made a stupid mistake in pulling the numbers in this run, so these charts are not accurate.
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