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  • Raptorman/Raptorfan Tickets

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has any experience with these two sites that they can impart. Trying to get tickets to a game but PayPal orders not going through. Are they legit? Is there any other way to pay (that you guys have tried and succeeded at)?

    Thanks for the help
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    Raptorman is an awesome guy. I've known Steve for a couple years now. Met him through Scott Carefoot's old site as well RaptorsForum. He's legit. You won't have any problems with him.


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      Raptor man is the best. Hands down.


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        Love me some Steve. Also met him on Raptorblog. Great guy.


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          I can vouch for Steve (Raptorman)

          I was the first season seat holder to start selling on his site!
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            Thanks for all the props gents.

            Sales are through the roof this year with the Raps doing so well. But we are still the best deal around.

            That's because the site is all season seat holders selling the games they cant attend. They just want them sold.

            If you are a season seat holder and want to sell on the site, email me. We need more stock!
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