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I Thought About It But Decided To Post This Under Everything Raptors

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  • Buddahfan
    Bulls at the ACC Next Weekend

    The Raptors have Cavs, Celtics who just whipped the Cavs butts, and Hawks before the Bulls

    The Bulls have the Bucks without Bogut who is done for the year, Cavs and Nets

    There is a very good chance that the Bulls will be in the 8th spot when they come into the ACC next weekend.

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  • JYD18
    Could come down to the head vs head game. Definitely something to mark down on your calender

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  • LBF
    both have about equal schedules but judging how the raps have played recently and the how the bulls have i give it to the raptors.

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  • I Thought About It But Decided To Post This Under Everything Raptors

    since I don't see either the Raptors or Bulls finishing higher than eighth.

    Bulls still have a home and home with Charlotte and play at the ACC on Sun April 11th. The Raptors have a 2 - 0 season edge on the Bulls so they would win the tie breaker if the two teams finish with same records regardless of what happens on the 11th.

    Rose: Bulls Will Make Postseason

    Bulls Remaining Schedule
    Fri, Apr 2 -- @ Washington
    Sat, Apr 3 -- Charlotte
    Tue, Apr 6 -- Milwaukee
    Thu, Apr 8 -- Cleveland
    Fri, Apr 9 -- @ New Jersey
    Sun, Apr 11 -- @ Raptors
    Tue, Apr 13 -- Boston
    Wed, Apr 14 -- @ Charlotte

    My guess is either 4 - 4 or 5 - 3

    Raptors Remaining Games
    Sat, Apr 3 -- @ Philadelphia
    Sun, Apr 4 -- Golden State
    Tue, Apr 6 -- @ Cleveland
    Wed, Apr 7 -- Boston
    Fri, Apr 9 -- @ Atlanta
    Sun, Apr 11 -- Chicago
    Mon, Apr 12 -- @ Detroit
    Wed, Apr 14 -- New York

    My guess is either 4 - 4 or 3 - 5