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Game 78: Raptors vs Heat, Sun Apr 3, 2022, 7:00 PM, SN

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    It's very weird. Birch has done fine as a starter, but he does way better playing in a starting lineup with OG on the perimeter. Really think Precious fits better as the C to slot in because the other 4 starters need that defensive backbone more than the offence/glue contributions of Birch.

    It really must be him just loving the bench big pair and wanting to keep that consistent.
    What’s also different about keeping the Precious/Boucher tandem together is that until now, Nurse has shown little interest in developing bench mobs or fixed groups off the bench. Until now, every bench guy had to be flexible enough to plug & play around starters whichever way, or even become starters themselves. Keeping them together off the bench is more of a Casey style player development with role card consistency.


    • Alright, folks, need a game thread for tonight and I can't make one. Last chances to goose your numbers with a few wins to try to make the playoff rotation!