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Quincy Douby is Tearing Up the Turkish League

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  • Quincy Douby is Tearing Up the Turkish League

    Looked up some former Raptors and saw many of them are playing for the Turkish league:

    Quincy Douby

    He is first in the league with 24.5 points per game and 3rd with 5.1 assists per game.

    Also found Ukic in the same league and he is avg 11.08 ppg and 4.2 apg


    Lonny Baxter

    and will Solomon

    In 5 seasons Hedo will be there too

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    If Quincy Douby is first in the league, I'd hate to watch the all star game...

    Seriously, though, good for him. Maybe he found his true place in the world.

    Don't hate me because I'm an optimist.


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      Glad to hear of him doing well!


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        Thats why they used to call Hedo the Michael Jordan of Turkey, could Douby be the next one???


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          I always knew Quincy could play, but as I unfortunately found out, not at the NBA level.


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            douby can play, but there are just way too many players in the league in the 2 spot. id take douby any day over evans, gortat, ryan anderson, steve blake...he just cant get minutes in a raptors team loaded with SGs and SFs
            sometimes, its not even based on how good you play, factors like marketing, politics, position, timing always come into play
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              Sometimes it also has to do with being able to follow a system and execute plays, thats why guys like Blake's been in the league for so long. Quincy can score , but was undersized for a 2 and couldnt really run the point.


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                The Turkish league is only about two teams Fenerbace (where Ukic is the starting PG) and Efes Pielsen (with former NBA palyers like Nachbar, Mario Kasum, Daniel Santiago, etc) the rest of the league is three steps behind. Last year, former Tennessee Volunteer Chris Lofton (remember him?) made 18 threes in one game and like 60 pts or something, this year he's in a mediocre Spanish team and he barely averages 10 ppg.

                Douby is playing great and making the most of this oportunity but he's still the same Quincy we know, the level of competition is very low