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Andrea Going Under the Knife? Heck No.

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  • Andrea Going Under the Knife? Heck No.

    So Andrea goes for 21 points, eight rebounds and three blocked shots and my first thought is:

    Not bad for a guy facing Achilles surgery.

    Except that he’s not.

    There was a report out of Italy, from the highly respected Gazzetto Gazzetta dello Sport, that said Bargnani was possibly going to have surgery when the season ends. Took about six seconds and one e-mail to debunk the story because not only is no surgery planned or expected, he hasn’t had any issues with his Achilles according to the folks I talked to.

    And then Andrea himself shot down the story after the game.

    File that one under the much-ado-about-nothing category.

    It may be that the information about any soreness got over-blown – it wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened – or it may be that Andrea knows he’s going to have to get some rest when the season ends and this might be a way to set up a summer idle from his national team obligations.

    Bu whatever it is, they are not sharpening the scalpels.
    Doug Smith's Toronto Raptors blog

    My first thought was why I didn't hear about this rumor?... Second thought was why no one else around here heard about this rumor? Come on guys, you're killing me!

    Either way looks like it was a bunch of crap. Good thing too because Andrea needs to do a lot of work on bigman skills in the off-season.

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    I think the rumour was in the comments section on one of the articles on the frontpage. I think it was a poster named Cesco that brought it up.

    Update: Yeah, here is the link to the comment. It was on the Clippers-Raptors game day article.


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      It was definitely thread worthy though.


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        There's no news like made-up news! lol
        The best Raptors discussion board is at Raptors Republic.

        Stephen Brotherston, Pro Bball Report