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    Bendit wrote: View Post
    I remember reading that Woj had half of the 30 1st take on your thought is that rather than going 100 percent (or close to it) he was just making a FU point to the other biggies about his sources. He also keeps his dealings with the various agents in flux....many would not reveal their "secrets" if they thought he was in bed equally with their competitors. Also, which is easier...a single central source or arranging for a complex networking on draft night with 20+ agents re their clients? Just an opinion.
    I was following him during the draft and he had literally every first rounder except Bruno. His sources are definitely team/agent based, at least for the draft.


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      DanH wrote: View Post
      I was following him during the draft and he had literally every first rounder except Bruno. His sources are definitely team/agent based, at least for the draft.
      Maybe his source in the commish's office sent him "Raptors: Bruno Caboclo", and he was like, "What? Who's that? This can't be right"
      Heh, if he is in the D-league still in a few years I will be surprised.
      He's terrible."

      -Superjudge, 7/23

      Hope you're wrong.


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        I opened this thinking we had done a trade.

        The name's Bond, James Bond.


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          Superjudge wrote: View Post
          I think it's a fun article, mostly because it's cleverly written, has a few things I didn't know, yet, is still completely identical to the very behaviour its trying to call out. Reading between the lines I see a guy like Woj, who is no saint, but who also cannot stand the big brother style of manipulating a sport he grew up loving. There is a strong reason he hates ESPN, a lot of us here feel it too but we don't really see the connection until now.

          Where the Big Brother corp is constantly manipulating the public, telling them who to love, telling them who to watch in order to cultivate massive profits from advertising and cable interests, Woj simply manipulates stories here and there to stir the pot enough that his sources remain productive. Some people don't like this, they look at his treatment of deandre or Lebron and they only see it as some personal vendetta, while other, myself included, see it a sa guy who calls out people for reasons he see's fit. Woj is a a throw back in many ways, from back when the beat writer was all ya had. Piss him off he reported one way, keep him happy, he id it another, but when the chips were down, you could be damn sure he'd keep people honest.

          I wonder hos the writer of that article failed to see the evil of the alternative ESPN provides. A monopoly of pageantry and ass kissing. Manipulating the facts and truths, building fake hero's or stars to promote what i feel is a borderline illegal partnership with sponsors to help keep the public buying. Its one thing to provide news, another altogether to use that promotion to change the news to suit your financial needs.

          I complain a lot about ESPN..... people speak of tinfoil hats etc and I get that. But fellas, there is a big world out there, and there are things happening you may not have thought of yet. Public perception of an event or of a person is very important to people who's job it is to make money selling. I'm not ever trying to tear down people's heros, more, just want them to love them for the right reasons. When in todays society who got the W is all people remember, its important how they got it, and important that it remains a "game", unaffected by business, unaffected by corruption or anything close to it. That big machine is real. ESPN, CBS, SI, they are all VERY real, and they aren't doing you any favors. If the writer of this article had the balls to write THAT story, i'd be all ears, but taking on the little guy, the little guy fighting that iant everyday and winning, well that just shows me one thing.... he's part of the machine.

          Fuck this article.
          Well thought out post. I always like to see a team or player that the big machine has not cultivated and promote unexpectedly exceed expectations .


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            thats why I like the raps!