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  • Road trip thread

    Wondering where everyone organizes these road trips? I've been to NYK, Cleveland, Detroit, New Jersey to watch this team, but not this year. Would love to join in on the fun, I am itching for a Raps Road Trip. Are these trips organized or impromptu?

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    I think they are organized, just take a look at the next up coming games that are played close to Ontario, Closer to the dates of those games you will find more threads about road trips.


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      I went with road trip tours. Our guide was great, it was well organized. Had a great experience will definitely go again. And they're legit, Masai reached out and came on our bus for a meet and greet and he taught us a new chant. Said he doesn't compare raps fans to nba fans. Moved on to soccer fans now.
      Sunny ways my friends, sunny ways
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        Try this site:

        I saw it in another thread, someone said they've used it. Anyone back this up?

        I've never been, but I plan to.

        The crowd support is UNREAL.

        Props to everyone who took/takes the time to go to these games, WE THE NORTH!